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April 22, 2009



The best resource I've found for foot length by shoe length is actually the fit chart by Zappo's, here: It also has US and Euro shoe sizes. It's what I've used to make socks for others and so far it's worked every time. Also--a little bit big is WAY better than a little bit small, since I have a tendency to forget that knitted socks don't stretch the way storebought socks do.


I use a "shoe size to sock length conversion guide" made by Sock it to me ( It has never failed to make a sock the right size. Another resource is in your Sears catalogue in the pages with measurements for clothes, shoes etc.


I ask about shoe size and then follow the guides in Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch - has not failed me. Patterns in her books are sized to fit the yarn and the person.

Elizabeth D

There's also this compilation of data submitted from random knitters:


I always find a sneaky way to find out their shoe size, i.e. ask their kid/husband/another friend, and then I use the chart from Sensational Socks.


At some point along the line, I have people I would knit socks for trace their foot - then I keep it on file for when I am ready to knit them a pair of socks.... my own personal guide! Watch out with children tho' - their feet grow FAST.......... :)


I do exactly that - find out their shoe size either through a sneaky question or asking their sig other - and I use the charts in Sensational Knitted Socks.


Well the only people I make socks for other than myself are the grands - I go mostly based on shoe size & charts (thanks Jenny for the link to the Zappos chart - it's more concise than the one I was using) & hope I can finish them before they outgrow them! (I have in the past made socks for a couple of nieces one of my daughters but they never wore them so -- the kids love the hand knit socks& wear them constantly.)

Barb Rickman

Ask someone who knows them very well what their shoe size is. Then look at the shoes they are wearing to determine if the shoes are actual shoes or if they prefer boots. I have made socks for folk who, I found out later, wear boots. Go from there....

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