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March 11, 2009



Oh look at that handsome young man with those big blue eyes.. There's nothing better than forts.. It's fun to make one with blankets over furniture also.. good snow day activity when they are younger!! Beautiful yarn and I have no idea what it is.... I am stumped..


Yep, sounds like you have a good handle on the whole deal - congratulations!

The fort is super-cool - a tunnel *and* a sun-roof? I'm a bit jealous I must confess...


Oh!! Are those the fancy Gradiance sets from Unique Sheep?


Oh, come on! No guesses about the yarn? Man, it's nice to stump you all for once.... usually you are the ones e-mailing me with new things!


Yea, Megan!!!!


Oh, goodie!!! Those are so beautiful- I keep thinking about doing a beret that shifts colors. I hope you'll be stocking loads of shades! :-)


I think it's The Unique Sheep yarn - gradiance colors.

Am I right?


You should get the kids book,
Christina Katerina & the box. All about friends and what they do with big boxed- my girls loved it when they were young


looks like some beach sunset gradiance to me, lovely colors.

James is one gorgeous little man


Wow! Look at those eyes - you'll be beating off the girls with a stick before you know it (don't laugh - my older grandson has Brad Pitt level good looks [not just proud grandma talking - total strangers have commented on his looks] & he overheard 2 little girls in KINDERGARTEN say that cute & smart he is & that he "rules the school.") Ah the fort - doesn't everyone remember some jury rigged construction in their living room when they were little? We used to use dining room chairs & blankets to make our structures (which had the added benefit of easy dismantlement.) We bought a new refrigerator when my girls were about 2 & 5 & they played with that box for months. I agree with your assessment of the restaurant vs every other place level of toddler behavior. It makes me crazy if someone lets their child disrupt the meals of me & several other diners but,other than that, I don't care &, in fact, sympathize. I don't know what the yarn is but I WANT it!

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