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March 10, 2009



Ella is beautiful. I love small shawls that can be worn as a scarf. Muir is a little too lacy for me.

Marianne Casteel

Ella is gorgeous but I don't see a chart which could make this a difficult pattern to follow especially with a little one...just thinking.


I haven't knit either one but I too like Ella - I prefer lace that has a little more substance than Muir. I just don't like the very airy look as much.


I will be the dissenter and say I am not as fond of Ella as I am of Muir. The holes just aren't uniform enough for me, or something. Muir IS rather lacy, but might be gorgeous in grays, because of that.

I wish I had gotten two skeins of the same color of Nyoni--you were smart! That is such luscious yarn.


I think they are both very pretty adn have not knit either. I tend to like a little less airy shawl than the Muir, although it is gorgeous.


I haven't knit either one but I like Muir out of those two. I also like the Shetland Shawl and Kiri. I think both of those would be very pretty.


I have to agree that I like a more substantial shawl. Muir is beautiful but too open and it does not get me warm, and that is what a shawl should do in my HO. I had never seen Ella before but I liked it very much, the only draw back is "NO CHARTS". That is a no no for me because I can not follow written patterns, I get lost every other row. My favorite one so far ( I have not knitted many) is Swallowtail, you can make more repeats if you want a larger shawl or keep it as a shawl/scarf. It is very easy to memorize the pattern and with enough pizzaz to make it fun to knit. I also liked very much Forest Canopy but you have to buy the pattern. I made two of those, one larger that the other, very satisfying project. I am so happy that you are having more of the Nyoni, I bought only one skein because I was not sure and had the worst case of buyers regret. How is James doing? Are you more able to cope with the terrible twos?


What I like about Ella is that it works with a multi-color yarn which is hard to find in lace patterns. Not sure if the yarn you're considering is semi-solid/solid or multi-color.

I recently finished a Swallowtail Shawl. Very fast lace project and I like that it can be worn as a scarf or shawl.


I am knitting Ella now and love it. It's lace but substantial enough to serve it's purpose. It's an easy stitch pattern. I worked up the pattern on a spreadsheet- not a chart- so it's easy for me to follow.
I vote for Ella

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