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February 25, 2009



I *like* handwinding balls of yarn. It gives me the chance to commune with the fiber and ferret out any blips or splices that may interfere with the flow of the knitting. It's also a good activity for when I am too tired to knit but want to do something involving yarn.


I too hate winding yarn & I don't know why. It's not really arduous & pretty fast with a swift & ball winder but I have on occasion found myself knitting socks from Opal rather than some nice hand painted yarn. And, like Abby, I too find it more enjoyable to hand wind yarn; I do usually use the ball winder but, if it's not out & clamped to a TV tray table, I'll just wind a center pull ball bu hand. In fact I may get a nostepinne for that. I have found having a standing floor swift makes it a lot less of a hassle. The Sock Summit sounds so enticing - I wish I could go. I haven't ruled it out but I can only travel to the west coast so often & I think I may go to Palo Alto the end of August (start of school) to help my daughter - she will have her 3 kids at 3 different schools (or may - I don't know if the middle child has gotten into the Spanish immersion program - it may be just 2 which would be a lot easier). If she doesn't think she'll need me then I'll definitely go to SS & then head down the coast to PA for a visit.


I don't care for winding either, but the swift and ball winder are the best inventions ever in my mind.... well two of the best anyway.
Peaceful is a beautiful color, I can't wait to see it knit up.
The Sock Summit sounds so wonderful, if only it weren't so far away : (


Love love love those Pagewood Farm socks! I have a few balls of it in my stash that haven't moved to the top of the queue yet. Your photo just pushed them up very close to the top.


Send me your skeins....I will gladly wind them for you. I love it!

For years I used a nostepinde, but recently bought a mechanical ball winder. I have heard it is not good to wind prior to knitting with the yarn, otherwise ALL of my skeins would be wound into neat little soldier cakes of yarn standing at attention!

Congrats on the Sock Summit involvement btw! I will be totally jealous when the time comes..... sigh....


I like winding - there is something satisfying about changing the skein into a ball - and it always changes how the yarn looks- then my favorite part-A NEW PROJECT ON MY NEEDLES


I could not agree with you more about wanting to meet those two women at the sock summit. If I had a job with time off, I'd be there! Stephanie and I share the same parenting philosophy and so much more, and as for Barbara J Walker--I have been a huge fan since the 1980s. In grad school once I bought two books at the campus book store. One was a book of knitting patterns and one was a huge book of feminist symbols. Only when I got back and was showing them to my professor did I realize the books were by the SAME person. At that moment, she became my heroine. Walker has written a book on every single one of my interests. Wow.

PS: That Nyoni yarn is incredible. Everyone I know insists on petting the hanks I got last week!

Kathryn in Minnesota

Ooh! I'll wind your yarn if you'll weave in my ends!


That's funny, because I really like winding yarn. I find it kind of restful. In fact, sometimes if I've had an upsetting day (& know I won't have much time to knit), I'll pull something that's in a hank out of the stash and wind it into a ball.


I personally don't mind the winding on of yarn. It is when I am cramped for time and want it wound. I found my 12 yr old loves gadgety things and he loves to play with all my yarn stuffs - ha - he is my ball winder now. He loves it. So if you have any smaller family, friends or neighbors willing to wind for you - let them go for it. Great way for them to release energy .

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