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February 20, 2009



I think this will come down to a vote between the green/yellow people and the blue/gray people. I think the Army Girl is an excellent colorway, but I simply don't like green that much, so my vote is for Maple Leaf.


I love green and yellow, so my
vote is for Amy Girl. It is


Army Girl absolutely! It is beautiful, but then so is Maple Leaf.


Maple Leaf all the way for me, but I am not opposed to the Army Girl either.
I love all their yarns


I would usually choose Maple Leaf, but I'm really liking the Army Girl- that bright pink does it for me!


I like the Maple Leaf best.


Army Girl 'cause I'm girly all the way.


Army Girl by far. The other is nice but love the green & wine or maroon or whatever the reddish/pinkish color is. Hmmm, maybe it's time to order that along with some of the new LL Chicago colorways.

Amanda Cathleen

definitely army girl. I love the denali yarn base! Not only does it have a nice hand, but it works up into a beautiful sock and the colors are just scrumptious


I love the Maple Leaf.


Not a fan of camo or green in general, so I vote for Maple Leaf.


Gotta go with Maple Leaf.


I vote for Maple Leaf - love browns!!!!


Army Girl! Pink and green (both separately and together) are two of my favorite colors so this one was a no brainer for me.


Maple Leaf for me! Both are beautiful tho' and your sample sock really shows off the colors. Very pretty!!!


All about the Army Girl!

Oh, and I saw you are a Sock Summit sponsor. Very cool! It's going to be awesome!

Jean Marie

I like the Maple Leaf!

Kathryn in Minnesota

Army Girl!

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