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February 11, 2009



Yes, you will be like that for the rest of your life & no, it will never get old. In fact, the older he gets the more you will have to feel proud about. Even when he is a teenager! And eventually you'll have grands to feel just as proud of! That old analogy about love being like a candle flame really is true!


Almost forgot to say - quite an accomplishment for young Master James - big huzzah for him!


I am so glad you explained why he was fully clothed in the pool. What an accomplishment. You will always have that sense of pride at all the little and big milestones, it doesn't go away.


Yes, you will always be like that! I'm still like that and my girls are married and one has 2 kids!
Yeah for James! What an accomplishment. You should be proud and shouting it to everyone : )

Sue Johnson

Absolutely, you will be like this the rest of your life. You will revel in every accomplishment, large or small. You will agonize over every failure, fighting the urge to jump in and help. My son is 24, and I still delight in his successes and want to kiss away every booboo. Thank God he doesn't let me. :)


Well, I only have a puppy, not a baby, but I'm frequently amazed by him. He turned 1 today and I've been telling everyone.

Haha, and now his tummy is grumbling! That's new--I guess it's time to stop commenting and start feeding.


Way to go, James!! And to echo the other comments, you are always proud, but maybe more so as they get older - and you learn to truly appreciate such moments, as they balance out the other things... like adolescence...


yay James! yay Mom! The pleasure at seeing your child succeed even at small tasks never leaves.Enjoy those moments!


No, it never loses its lustre. I'm 38 and I'm sure my parents are still proud of me. My kids are almost 10 and almost 7 and I'm constantly proud of them. It's possibly the best bit about parenthood.
Well done to James and well done to you too for persevering!


Just wait until he learns how to read! Now that is truly amazing!


Congratulations James!!! And mom too. It never ever changes feeling proud of the accomplishments of your child, is the thing that moves you and makes you try to go on and be always there to share and be part of. I am so glad that he learnt to swim, is so important if you have a pond, and you can enjoy the new skill this summer.

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