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January 14, 2009



I'm in Arizona and it is 71 degrees with blue skies and a light breeze today. Having grown up with snow, ice and cold, I appreciate our beautiful winter months.


We are 35 degrees at the moment in Florida, FREEZING with the heat at full steam. But is beautiful during the day, sunny and clear and crisp, I love january and february here.


Ack! You are making me jealous! It's 4 degrees here in Indiana and schools were delayed b/c it was too cold.... not b/c of the snow, but just b/c of the temperature.


Ooooo - love that 401. I'm in the Chicago area so can only commiserate - last I checked it was -3°. But it is 60° in Palo Alto where my daughter's family now lives. She says the kids have been playing in the back yard all day every day since they arrived (when they're not at school or the cool park down the street). Next year, I'll be sure to visit them in January.

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