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January 30, 2009



That BHG is gorgeous! I have to have some of that one, and the Chocolate Cherries is also calling to me. I have three obsession yarns: Malabrigo Sock (as you well know based on how much I have ordered), Colinette Jitterbug, and Noro Silk Garden. It seems like no matter what pattern and yarn I'm knitting, I always want to try it again in Silk Garden.

Lauren S

Take it from someone who had a summer job at Home Depot, if you want the color matched, you are much better off if you take a picture of the sock/yarn. You then get to clean it up on the computer, print it out (the best quality you can manage) and then bring the picture for color matching. It will have better results (especially if you choose a paint whose sheen is similar to the beautiful yarn, Satin perhaps)!


I ordered a skein each of the Black Hills Gold, the Silver Gold and the Straw in Gold (obviously I had a gold fixation that day). I've been knitting up the BHG into a lace scarf - pretty much a feather and fan pattern. Wherever I take my knitting, people are noticing this beautiful yarn, and the color seems to appeal to men in particular (maybe they see gold and it translates to "money" in their head). Just today I was knitting waiting for my doctor and he commented on how striking the yarn was and that he liked all the different colors in it. LOVE THIS YARN!

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