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January 07, 2009


Lauren S

My favorite pattern of 2008 (and the shawl-turned-scarf I've been using a lot this winter) was the Invisibility Shawl by Kerrie Allman. It's the first lacy thing I ever knit and the sense of accomplishment was huge!
Also, my wool coat tends to pick up EVERYTHING, so I used a non-shedding superwash yarn for my Invisibility Shawl scarf. Good luck with the Alpaca Sox stuff. It will be very pretty, even if it is a shedder.


My favourite pattern was just a plain 3 x 2 Rib sock done with the afterthought heel. It was my first ever afterthought heel and I was sort of nervous to try it but then once I finished it I really liked it. I will definately do it again.
I made the socks with the yarn from SSYC's Heels and Toes Club from last year! Thank you for the motivation to try something new!


My favorite project this year was a pair of Nutkin socks! I did one pair of out the Imagination line from KnitPicks, and this pair from some superwash merino I dyed myself.
Here's the pair I made (for those with Ravelry accounts):
and here's a link to the pattern itself:

Selma from Woodstock

I'm gonna' go with the Firestarter Socks by Yarnissima. It's a free Ravelry download that you can read about here:

This is a wonderful introduction to Yarnissima's more complex patterns. It's a toe-up sock with an interesting gusset and heel construction. I have knit a LOT of socks over the years and my personal favorite patterns are those that teach me something new. The Firestarters certainly fit that bill!

They are worthy of the most special sock yarn in your collection.


I loved the Tidal Wave sock pattern from SWTC. I made two pairs this summer, one in Lorna's Laces and one from the knit picks sock blank that I dyed myself.
The results were awesome and the pattern simple but not boring. I'll be making these again....

Here are the ones I made on Ravelry:


I loved making the Drop-stitch scarf by Shirley Vogel.
I used Koigu KPPPM, which I bought single-skeins of in several colors to make gifts with.
I'm sure I'll be making at least a few more (and one for myself).
Here are photos on my ravelry page:


I've learned to love the cowl this year. I resisted for quite awhile, but they knit up so fast and are much less bulky under coats. There are a million patterns for them out there, but my fave (which I have yet to make!) is here on Ravelry:


I most enjoyed knitting a few Midwest Moonlight scarves (from Scarf Style) in heavier sock-weight wool.


Well, my favorite patternS are the ones I designed this year. I did fingerless mitts and a pair of socks that use the same stitch pattern. You can see them on Ravelry. They are the Bump & Grind Mitts and Which Way Out Socks. You can also see them on my blog. I had so much fun designing them! I love that the pattern stitch looks great from both sides. And the socks are totally reversible!


I didn't finish in time for Christmas, so I suppose this could also be considered my favorite pattern for 2009 thus far, but I'm going to say Jared Flood's Girasole ( ). I'm making mine on 7mm needles with a heavy worsted weight/bulky yarn (Cascade Eco-Wool left over from my Hemlock Ring Throw), but the pattern also gives cast-on instructions for a shawl made with lace/fingering-weight yarn. It's simple, but beautiful and I can't recommend it enough for anyone beyond a beginner-level of knitting.


One of my favorite patterns this past year was the "Tomato" Sweater pattern from "No Sheep for You". It's also available as a free download at Knitting Daily. Making several of these for my daughter and daughter-in-laws really sold me on making top down sweaters. As a consequence, I have lost count of how many other top-down sweaters I made for Christmas presents and birthday presents. I just love not having to finish off any seams.

I have also made many pairs of socks (quite a few from Smooshy). I still like the basic sock recipe from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Knitting Rules" the best. It's so easy to personalize the fit to the person I'm making socks for.


It's a tough call. I think my favorite of things knit in 2008 is the Harlot's Baby Mine sweater. I have knit two of them and they were both fun to knit and got rave reviews. The pattern that still has me admiring it every time I put them on is Cookie A's Pomatomus socks. After the first few rounds the pattern was easy enough to remember but challenging enough to keep me from getting bored. I have even been known to stop to admire and pet the socks while they dry.


My favorite sock pattern is Leaves of Whimsy (Ravelry: ) because I get SO many compliments on them. I love the lace going all the way down the heel.

My favorite other pattern is a huge tie:
OpArt: (mine is so beautiful) and
Wrap Me Up: (mine is here on Ravelry: )

2008 was a GREAT year for patterns. I really made a lot of socks, garments and other project that fit and looked great!


My favorite pattern for 2008 was "Hearts-A-Plenty" socks:
using Sleeping Dragon Wooly Bamboo in color Roses and Chocolate:
I love this yarn, it is wearing very well and feels wonderful against my skin. I have bought more, now I just need the time to knit some more!


My favorite pattern that I knitted
this year was a scarf. I made
two of them for each daughter-in-laws. It's called the Juliet
scarf. It was a free download from
Knitting Daily and is in Knitting
Little Luxuries. I made them out
of the yarn it called for which was
Louisa Harding's Kimona Angora Pure. I made one in Salmon and one
in Magenta. The girls loved them.


I loved knitting the Monkey Socks from Knitty so much, I made 3 pairs. I even tried the no purl version, too- and that was just as fun.


My favorite knit this year was the Zimmerman February Baby Sweater for my baby girl. It was the first time I used Dream in Color Classy and now I'm hooked! It's a fun and quick project.

This is a link to my Ravelry project page with details:

Molly Johnson

hmmmm..this could be quite difficult. I would have to say a Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf.
It is super easy and you can use any weight yarn you like. I like to use a semi-solid sock yarn.
Although, I would have to say a mock cable rib sock is another of my favs..:)


My favorite knit this year was Ornette, by Cookie A ( rav link It was challenging but not difficult. Lots of fun and I never got bored, not even for a moment.


My favorite pattern was your very own version of the Feather and Fan scarf that you knitted out of Noro Silk Garden Sock. I made one for my daughter out of the blue/black/green colorway and she loved it! Now I'm making my own in the same colorway you used. And I plan to make several more. Great fun, easy, and elegant. I never got bored with it. My second favorite is the Embossed Leaves Socks from Favorite Socks. I made a pair for me from Malabrigo Sock Indiecita, and same daughter talked me out of those, too. So I'm making another pair for ME out of Chocolate Amargo. I could knit both those patterns over and over.


My absolute favorite pattern that I knit this year was the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn C. Clark (available as a free pdf here -
I knit mine ( in Hand Maiden Sea Silk and wore it constantly for weeks after it was finished. I nearly wore it to bed!

My second favorite was another of Evelyn's - her Waving Lace Socks which I knit in Jojoland Melody.,


My success story is my favorite because it was a success: Sitcom Chic knit from Classic Elite Four Seasons. I highly recommend the pattern and the yarn.

The pattern:

My version:


My favorite pattern that I knit this year was Corrugarter, I used 2 skeins of Cascade 22o Heathers in a reddish-brown/black tweed. I think it would also look good in much smaller yarn (such as sock yarn), and when I look at the pattern at the url (I used Norma's directions (, it talks about fingering weight. I'll have to try it!

I'm currently knitting a Clapotis from Knitty ( with sock yarn (Trekking XXL) for a friend who is so frail. I didn't want to weight her down with the suggested yarn, so went much lighter. It's coming out really well!


I loved the Koolhaas hat. It was a bit of a challenge to knit all those cables, though. I have since heard of a workaround but can't remember it.

Kathryn Sigman

My favorite pattern was the Spring Forward sock pattern by Linda Welch in Knitty. I think I knitted 6 pairs of socks this year using this pattern. It was very easy to memorize so I didn't have to carry the pattern around with me.


I really enjoyed starting the Mr.Greenjeans sweater
in 2008. I put it away for awhile, but am now determined to finish it really soon, so I can wear it before winter is over! I'm using Dream in Color Classy in the Happy Forest colorway. I love DIC in all their weights and colors. It is so soft and easy to knit with!


I'm really enjoying knitting the Mr. Greenjeans sweater that I started in 2008. I'm using Dream in Color classy in the Happy Forest colorway. This yarn is so scrumptious and soft!!! I love DIC - especially Smooshy - so soft and squishy!!


Oops, sorry I posted twice!!!


my favorite pattern was aquaphobia. boo to pooling!


I have made a couple of DOZEN pairs of these
They are great for stash busting and would be very nice made with Dream in Color worsted weight or sock doubled!


Not sure why my link did not work it is for Maine Morning Mitts


Its hard to decide, Lace ribbon scarf in Cherry tree hill jeweltones, or the Clapotis in Cherry tree hill bright jewels or Waffle weave socks in Mountian Colors for m hubby! I just love to knit!!


My favorite pattern was the Spring Forward sock pattern also. I just learned to knit socks in the spring so had to practice a little before I was ready to try it. I love my socks and am wearing them right now!


My favorite FO in 2008 (although started in 2007) was a Dale of Norway pattern for a baby dress with roses.


My favourite pattern was the Fiddlehead Mittens:

I knit 2 identical pairs, one for me, one for my sister. These are awesome mittens because they have a lining and are therefore super-duper warm!


My favorite knit was Spiral Boot Socks. They are at:

It was the first time I've knit something that I felt was truly worthy of being given as a gift.


Love the lace ribbon scarf, too. I've knit it out of the alpaca sox and have two more skeins of another color of the same yarn to knit it again.

I'll recommend the following sock pattern, which I just finished. Beautiful lace but such a simple pattern its easy to memorize:

Leslie Marken

My favorite sock pattern this year was Escher-Wurfel by Stephanie van der Linden.


My favorite pattern this year was a sock pattern called Small Wings Socks from Charlene Schurch's Little Box of Socks. I used Pagewood Farm Alyeska yarn (cashmere, ymmm). I wear them all the time, so soft and warm! I am working on another pair now! Please get some more of this yummy yarn!


My favorite pattern was the Monkey socks by Cookie A. It was the fastest sock pattern that I have ever knit and I loved the finished socks.


My favourite last year was the February Lady Sweater. I made mine with Malabrigo and I love it!


My favorite was the Juno Regina stole, which is available on Ravelry. I used Dream in Color yarn for this and just love it! I'm ready to try some more complicated lace patterns now. :-)


My favorite pattern this year hands down was your Noro Wave Scarf pattern. I made six of these for Christmas presents and not once did I use Noro yarn. I used Smooshy, JoJo Melody, Fannie's Fingering,and Araucania yarn. They all worked perfectly and just came out a little different. I kept one for myself, the Smooshy Butter Peeps. Gotta love that yellow... thanks for sharing the pattern..

Kathryn in Minnesota

I'm really psyched to look up everyone else's favorites! Mine is super-basic. I tried fisherman's rib for the first time, on a scarf for my boyfriend using Mirasol Sulka and fell in love. The scarf is even and soft and sturdy and beautiful and knitted up very quickly.


I love knitting with sock yarn and made a sweater with it ...pattern is called "Tempest" available on Knitty. The pattern called for many of the things I like such as beautifully dyed sock yarn, a slim-fit and shaping. You only need 3 skeins of sock yarn. I used SSYCs Fleece Artist Merino.


My favorite knitting for 2008 was not a pattern but a technique that I have adapted to many...knitting 2 pairs of socks at once! The book 2-at-a-time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. The directions were easy to follow and banished the dreaded 2nd sock syndrome.


The socks that I enjoyed knitting the most were Embossed Leaves from Favorite Socks. The pattern reminded me of a sweater that my grandmother knit years ago. I knit them in a pale green with dream in color. The socks that I am most proud of are pomatomus from Cookie A. They are so beautiful!!!


I am a little slow, but I had never made the Cookie A monkey socks before this year and I found them really addictive. I made 5 pair that were given as gifts (ok I kept 1 for myself). My very favorite pair was made from the Sleeping Dragon yarn in the Indian Corn colorway.


If I have to pick just one project for a favorite, I would probably pick my Upstream socks
(free down load from Ravelry)


2008 was a crazy year in my house, so not much knitting was done. I did, however, complete 2 Liesl cardigans - one for me in red and another for my daughter in black. I LOVED this pattern. Well written, easy to knit and fast! It also is a very pretty sweater. I'm thinking of knitting another.


My favorite knit this year was the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret. It takes just one skein of Malabrigo worsted and is beautiful! Here's the Ravelry link:


My favorite pattern last year was the Monkey pattern. I just learned to knit socks in 2008 and I knit these as the no purl version, toe up, with picot hems. I used some indie dyer yarn I bought on etsy. You can see them on my ravelry page


There are sooo many addictive sock patterns, (Embossed Leaves, Nutkin, anything by Cookie A) but if you want to risk developing ANOTHER vice, try Winter Twilight Mitts by Laura Rintala at I've made them for gifts in lots of different color and yarn combinations. (I forced myself to get over "fear of thumb gusset" and hope to triumph over "intimidation by fingers" soon.) I do luvluv Smooshy - it's so forgiving and can handle frogging and reknitting by a clumsy knitter many times!!!


There were so many that I enjoyed this year. It doesn't mean that I knitted them though. I knit two pairs of Monkeys that I enjoyed. I also enjoyed the Kiri Shawl too.


My favorite pattern that I knit in 2008 was Cookie A's Monkey Socks []. They fit great even on my narrow feet &, while easy to remember, the pattern is just interesting enough to keep you knitting. I can't wait until her book is released. In the meantime, I may try her Pomotamus sock pattern [after I finish Glittens for one of my daughters & socks for the 3 grands]. I also really enjoyed the Koolhaas hat but can't remember if I knit it in 01/08 or 12/07. I made it for the same daughter & then, in May, we went to Seattle & saw the building that inspired it which was fun.


Tough question! I think I'll have to pick Express Lane because it was the pattern that hooked me on sock knitting! I made a pair in Panda Cotton and I went from scared of socks to instant sock-love. :)

And mine on ravelry:

I also made a Swallowtail Shawl this year in Fleece Artist Sea Wool and sorta invented a pair of cabled socks in Trekking XXL this year, and those are my runner-up patterns. I'd happily make them both again!

These are the socks on ravelry:

No picks yet of Swallowtail, but the pattern is free on this page:


My favorite pattern for 2008 was the Yarn Harlot's One Row scarf. I got into making some scarves for relatives in NY and I needed one that looked good, but was EASY to remember. I've made 3 so far and I'm got 2 more on the needles.


Ok my link didn't work, here it is again....


My favorite new pattern in 2008 was Jared Flood's Habitat hat. The way those cables come together at the top is really cool.
You've got me thinking about that lace ribbon scarf though....

Karen Wong

My favorite project is the Lace Ribbon scarf I made with Regia Silk in the same grey blue of the Knitty sample. I love it. It is long and and wrap around my neck three or four times (if I want).


I have only made a few pairs of socks so far. I am getting ready to cast on a pattern from knitted socks called do the twist, I also want to dive into Cat Bordhi's socks on two circular's book. My goal this year is to knit lots of socks and make room in my yarn stash bin.


My favorite pattern right now is Clapotis. I had never done one and wish I had not started. Finish my first in december and the second one is well on the way. Is addictive, you get a lovely result with sock yarn or any other. Go clap!!!!!


My favorite pattern is he lace ribbon scarf, because it was my first lace venture. I used casbah and it is beautiful.


My favorite pattern this year is the Rambling Rows Afghan! I am motoring through one for my son's birthday in April. I am enjoying all the garter stitch because of how much he will like it when it is done. :)


OMG from the fall 2008 issue of KnitScene Debbie Newton's Nubby Cardigan! The bumpy part is the BEST!

Here's mine! My mom loves it and I may have to make one for myself in real wool so the collar stands up more!


I would have to say Violets Rising (sock pattern by Anne Hanson. Fun, quick and great fit!


My favorite pattern was your Noro wave scarf pattern. I knit six of them for presents for Christmas. I did not use Noro yarn on a one of them.. I used Smooshy, Araucenia, JoJo Melody, and Fannie's Fingering. I kept the Smooshy Butter Peeps for myself. Thanks for sharing a great pattern.


I've got 2 favorites from this past year:

Wooly Wormhead's Mystery Beret pattern (aka The Meret, which made for some fabulous gifts and was a quick and very rewarding knit:

And mine own Wavelength scarf done with Noro Sock. I was so happy with how it turned out!:

Off to scope out everyone else's faves. What a fabulous list!


Last year the SSY sock club had a lovely colorway called Cottage- it was a soft pink, pale green and light chocolate colorway that reminded me of the spumoni ice cream my dad would buy me when I was little. I decided that it needed a special pattern. I found a lovely pattern called Cafe Curtains. It made up beautifully and I do treasure them. Gives me a warm feeling inside when I look at them. It is definitely my 2008 fav. Here it is- hope you enjoy it-


Sorry I messed up the link-

inge in Seattle

I had two favorites this year:

One was a design based upon a pair of fingerless mitts I saw on a young woman at a conference I went to. I asked her if I could make a sketch and take notes as she had gotten them as a gift, hand knit by her mother-in-law. I have already made three pairs in Dream in Color's Classy, one for my daughter-in-law and two for co-workers who each sewed me a nice bag with pockets all around. It is a basic mitt with 2:2 rib, then stockinette; what sets it apart is a crochet cord at the wrist drawn through 4 eyelets. The original had monkey fist beads for drawing tight.

The other favorite is the lace ribbon scarf from Veronik Avery:

I made this in a sport weight merino for myself and want to make another one in lace weight hand paint alpaca. It is a fun scarf to make, simple to memorize and lots of wow-factor when completed!

Susan Blanke

I love the Tepes pattern from the Anticraft. So unusual and it made me practice several techniques at once - color work, cables, applied i-cord. I made one for my husband and he wears it constantly, which is nice.


I had a blast knitting "Putting Down Roots"!


My favorite was the "Devan" child's cardigan by Holli Yeoh -- it really showcases striping sock yarns and I love how the one I know for my niece turned out!


My favorite pattern of 2008 was the Squirrel and Oak Mittens from They were my last FO of the year--finished on Christmas night. I knit them for my three-year-old daughter, who absolutely loves them and ACTUALLY WEARS THEM. Hooray!


This year's favorite is Cookie A.'s Monkey pattern. I knit several pairs, one right after the next. Very addictive.

Jane Cochrane

My favourite knitting pattern was the Clementine Shawlette simply because it lured me across from crochet to attempt my first ever lace project.


I loved the chevron scarf (ubiquitous on ravelry). I knit mine out of two skeins of CTH Supersock DK--fall foliage and country garden--I was exceedingly dubious about putting the two colors together, but wow! did they make each other pop.


My favorite pattern in 2008 was the Baby Surprise Jacket. I wanted to tackle this project for about 3 years and was too intimidated by the pattern (original pic) and kept putting it away... I finally bought the DVD and it helped me out so much. I made two of them for my friends babies (Twins) in Sockotta by Plymouth Yarns.

Carol Molina

My favorite thing I knitted this year was the Starfish scarf from "Ocean Breezes Knitted Scarves Inspired by the Sea" by Cheryl Thies. It was a challenge to knit stars but by the time I was half-way through the scarf I was able to reverse the pattern and knit them in the opposite direction so that the stars would all be right-side-up when I wrapped it around my neck!


I think my favourite pattern has been Ysoldas' Verity Hat

I knit it in an aran weight british yarn called Brigantia, and then in Rowans Felted Tweed, doubled, and both yarns made lovely warm hats.

I think for lace then it had to be Miriam L Feltons Icarus Shawl, made with Posh Yarn Cecilia. Fantastic yarn and wonderful pattern, I've had many lovely comments about this knit.


My favorite pattern this year was the Flame Wave Sock pattern by Ann Budd in the book Favorite Socks 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave. I knit them in STR and they feel lovely.

Margo Lynn

The pattern I knit the most was based upon a bulky sweater pattern - I made several of these for Afghans for Afghans to deliver to children in refugee camps. I can't find the link but it's similar to the vest pattern at Countrywool; I added sleeves. I've also been doing a lot of scarves for Scarves from the Heart in all kinds of patterns based upon the 1x1 Noro Rib Scarf pattern by Jared Flood ( although I do a lot of them in Mistake Rib instead because it doesn't take as much yarn as the ribbing does. After I did three for me, I had to find another recipient!

Teresa Walton

My favorite project this year was the Noro Silk Garden Striped Scarf, found at the link below.

I loved the hypnotizing color changes of the wonderful Silk Garden yarn. Plus it was a breeze to knit in K1P1 rib.

I have made two for gifts and am finally working on one for myself.


I looooove the Slinky Ribs sweater from Custom Knits. A free PDF of the pattern is available at


I did Fiesta's Ballet scarf in Dream in Color: Blue Lagoon for my mom for Xmas - It was a splurge and she loved it.

Wish I knew how to share a pic...


I created my first pattern this year and I love how it came out. The first finished Simple Cabled Scarf became a Christmas gift for my best friend. :)

Megan S.

My favorite pattern was the Tretta Hat by Grumperina - it was quick, it was easy, and it looks like you spent a whole lot of time and money on something very simple! It makes a super gift!


I lost my first comment so I'm sorry if it's here somewhere and I'm posting again. ;)

My favorite pattern was one that I created. It's the first pattern I have ever made myself and I'm pretty proud of it. The first Simple Cabled Scarf ever made became a Christmas present for my best friend. :)


My favorite pattern from 2008 was Monkey by Cookie A.
I've only knitted one pair so far, but I can forsee knitting many more!


I just started knitting in August of 2008 and immediately became an addict. My favorite patter to date is one called "Raglan Sweater Ornament" I got from my local knitting shop. It's made with sock/fingering weight yarn. I had so much fun making them that I gave them out a Christmas presents. The pattern's not available online but can be purchased directly from Sutter's Gold n' Fleece.

I loved this pattern made it for my 6 year old daughter with yarn from my babcia (grandmother in Polish) who passed away when I was pregnant.

vicki moss

I loved "Interlocking Leaves Socks," by Kelly Popiglia, from Knitty Fall '08. It's the first time I've used KnitPicks Kettle-dye Essentials. The coloration was great!

Here they are on my Ravelry page:

Here's the link tot he Ravelry pattern page:

Here's the link to the pattern in Knitty Fall 08:

Barbara Anne M

My favorite pattern this year is "Waves of Grain" by Rosemary Hill from It's a beautiful, yet simple to knit lace scarf with beading. I've had so much fun with it. Can't wait to give it to my mome for her birthday - she is the one that taught me to knit and crochet years ago.


My favorite pattern is a versatile fan and feather shawl/scarf/afghan. I have it on the needles in a couple different yarns now.


My favorite pattern this year was probably Abrazo from the Fall issue of Knitty

I knit it for myself in six days. For me, it was a very addictive knit. I wear it all the time.

Diane Carlson

My favorite pattern of 2008 was the "Never Wimpy Wimple" by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts in the Lace Style book. I used Dream in Color 'Baby' - my first time using the yarn, and it truly was a dream! The pattern was great also, and it encouraged me to make up my own wimple/neckwarmer pattern called the "Tonsil Toaster". You can get it for free here:
With that pattern I used the Smooshy.

Terry Gould

The Kimono Sweater that appeared in Piecework Magazine last year was my favorite. I perfected cables and the sweater is something I wear all the time. I made it in a soft coral color and hope to post a photo on Ravelry. The setting on of the sleeves was a little different than I was used to so I did it over and over until I figured it out. It is such a sweet sweater. I hope others find it as wonderful as I did.

Loraine Boyce

My favorite is a pair of socks I make out of a Cherry Tree Hill yarn (I forgot the name of the color) with a 2x2 ribbing with a eye of partridge heel. I love it because it is dark jewel tones and I am keeping them for myself. I know I am selfish:)

Marge Baldwin

I don't necessarily have a favorite pattern, but I did take the leap into knitting socks in 2008. My first pair I made with Wool Ease. They're warm and washable, but way too bulky to put into shoes! I love them on my day off though. Next I tried some fuzzy yarn that is oh so soft, and oh so hard to knit with, especially on dpn's. They ended up being too small for me, and again... too bulky. This time I'm trying Silk Bamboo and smaller needles. I think I might finally have a pair I can wear! We'll see.

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