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January 05, 2009



I agree, knitting is motivation enough. I have always loved creating (must the Aquarius in me)and love making things for others. It is very hard to knit for myself BUT I am learning! And like you, I am happy when I'm knitting. It is so nice to be able to talk and share with others this obsession for yarn, patterns, and knitting.


I am the same way & actually have pretty much tended to be a solitary knitter - not that I am socially awkward or shy (although I do tend to be a bit of an introvert) - I just think of knitting as being a solitary, relaxing activity, much like meditation & really prefer to not to share it with others [except my daughter - but there are other reasons to share with her8-)]. I also am not much of a believer in New Year's resolutions. I feel like Chris Rock - if it occurs to me that I need to start or stop doing something or to make a resolution of some kind, why would I wait until NY? I'd do it right away. You are really tantalizing us about the Sock Club yarn - can't wait. I've loved every skein so far & am really looking forward to the semi-solids. I have a lot of sock patterns that I want to knit that would look best in a solid or semi-solid.


The very art of knitting, in itself, is plenty for me! Although I do like to knit gifts, I find most people don't appreciate the work that goes in to something hand knit, and would much rather have something store bought. My knitting is my therapy, and what keeps me sane in an otherwise chaotic world. It is the cheapest therapy I know ;-)

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