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December 23, 2008



Merry Christmas, Allison! Enjoy your family.


Merry Christmas Allison!!!! Thank you for all you do for us, being always so helpful and kind. I hope you enjoy this very special time, the first that James will be opening presents and being so happy about that. A kitchen is wonderful and educational and sure he will like that, and eventually go back to YOUR pots and pans, no way out of that. Have a blessed time and do not eat too much. Please post pictures of James at Christmas.


I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year for you and yours! I look forward to seeing your Christmas pictures with James.


Best wishes for an amazing holiday with your little guy! May you all have a healthy, happy New Year too!


Merry Christmas to you, Joe & James. Toy kitchens are great - Santa brought one to my 2 grandsons a year or 2 ago & now their little sister (recently turned 2 & no longer a baby - when one of her brothers called her that, she stomped her foot twice as she said, "I'm NOT a baby [stomp], I'm NOT a baby [stomp]!) loves to play with it - spends hours each day - making tea, washing dishes, putting food away, etc. I'm sure James will enjoy it very much. [We celebrated Christmas Saturday because my one daughter & her family left Monday for Mississippi to spend a couple of days with Mamaw & Papaw & then on to Californis 8-(]


Merry Christmas!!!!!

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