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December 10, 2008


Elizabeth D

Alison, I love the reviews, especially when they're that thoughtful. But lack of a review or any advance knowledge has never stopped me from trying a new yarn or colorway, alas.

Monica C

I find the reviews helpful, and sometimes they even help me make up my mind. With that said, though, I'm always ready to dive in a try something new, just to see what happens. I love surprises!


I appreciate the reviews because it gives me an idea of appropriate needle size to start with, how the yarn responds to laundering, and whether there are any quirks that it would be useful to know before jumping right in. This knowledge could prevent possible frogging of one's first knitting experience with a new yarn. Sometimes a well-written review can turn me on to a yarn I might not otherwise choose to try.


Allison, I'm so glad you are carrying this yarn. I have knit with Ranco multi before and really liked it. What a great price! I will have to order more than one!!


I'm another one who loves the reviews. I mean, if I want to try a yarn, a bad review isn't going to keep me from trying it anyway, but a good review could catapult a new yarn over several others in my queue.


Oh I love the reviews...the points that were important to me: the "stuff" that might be in the yarn, the halo after washing (in case a person doesn't like me!), the springiness, the dye fastness. This review was very informative.


This pattern is called Whisper Lace Socks by Rachel Hawksley. It is available as a free Ravelry download. Although it looks a bit intricate, it was really quite easy.

For those who want to know, I did this review quite some time ago so I have tested these socks out well. They've been worn and washed many times and they still look great. The yarn wears like iron, yet is very soft and comfy.

Marti Johnson (aka Sock Queen)

Allison, I find the reviews very helpful just because I have a huge stash of sock yarn (you've helped create it!), and unless I hear about a new, excellent yarn, I try to work out of the stash on all the socks I make. Seeing this one and hearing that it really does wear very well, I will make an effort after Christmas to buy some of it for me. After all, my stash will probably need re-building by then anyway!

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