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December 29, 2008



Well, I'm glad that you all had a
good Christmas. James looks adorable in this little red suit.
He looks like he's loving his present. Your scarves are looking
good if they were a problem.
Have a Health Happy New Year.


OMG! That little man of yours is just too cute! Looks like he had a wonderful time. :-)

Sorry the scarf wasn't a relaxing knit. It certainly is beautiful.


James just looks so adorable in his little red jammies. I think a toy kitchen may be the best large investment parents can make. My 2 grandsons got one last year or the year before from Santa & lots of items to stock it from all the relatives. They have played with it a lot & now their baby sister (25 months) plays with it constantly. It is the one thing that keeps her attention for more than about 3 seconds.

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