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November 17, 2008



Those colors are gorgeous! I think they might be listed right to left, instead of left to right, just going by the names?


You are quite right! I'll make that change.


This yarn is beautiful, I love DIC!!!!! But today I have to buy some Alpaca Sox, the colors are lovely and I am looking at them to decide which one. I am glad that I hold on the clapotis, because I am making it with this yarn now. All the temptation.... Do you have a wish list in your site?, so I can send that to my family for Holiday gifts. If not gift certificates will do.


Every time I read your blog, I am happy that my income is relatively immune to the vagaries of the economy - otherwise I might have to stop reading it because I'd be so sad at not being able to buy all the yummy yarn you feature.

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