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November 03, 2008



I am delighted about the Malabrigo. I would like to know if the Eggplant color is dark grey or purple. James is so big and handsome, is a beautiful baby. I can;t believe how much he has grown from the little baby he was. You must be very proud. I sent my son to nursery school at 3 ( he had to be potty trained to go), me being a STHM. I though that socializing with others children were very important and they get a lot of learning in other areas too. He went 3 times a week and LOVE every minute of it, I thought he loved the teachers more than me....... Also I had my alone time to do my things or just have a quiet grocery shopping experience. It was different from the social moms and babies/toddlers group we also had, both were important since he is still friend with kids from both groups.


Although my children are now grown, I was a STHM for the first 11 years. Our town doesn't have traditional neighborhoods and you do have to drive all over for playtimes with friends! I sent both kids to preschool a couple of days a week because it exposed them to new activities and other children and gave me scheduled blocks to time to get things done. I think they both benefited from the experience and were more prepared to adjust to school when it was time.


James looks like such a little MAN! They grow up too fast, don't they?

We lived in the country when the kids were little. The oldest went to a 2-hours-twice-a-week preschool but I'm not sure it was worth all the driving hassle. Once the kids were out of diapers, I went back to school, so they went part-time to a daycare center which was preschool-like. Until kids are 3 or 4, I don't think they get a lot out of preschool, but it does help transition them to kindergarten.


Yep, 22 lakes. Some are really tiny. The kids here fish from the moment you take them home from the hospital it seems. They also still ride their bikes to school and have a summer camp that includes swimming, canoeing and archery.

I was a SAHM and all 3 of my kids went to preschool, starting at age 3. They needed the socialization time and I needed the break. :o) As a former teacher, I could always tell which kids had been to preschool, they adjusted far more easily to the routines of school. Kindergarten is much more academic now than it was when I was a kid and even more than when my kids were little and I feel that preschool is a good transition from total playtime at home to the academics at school. Children used to get that in Kindergarten, but not so much anymore. So, that's my two cents...


I was a SAHM for 8 1/2 years when my kids were born. I did send them both to preschool because it is important for their socialization and intellectual development. I played with them and taught them plenty before they went to preschool, but by the time they were 3 they were starting to recognize letters and sound out words -- on the verge of reading. They were ready for more. We chose a parent-co-op preschool. That was perfect for us. In the process I also learned valuable parenting skills and befriended other parents. It was good for all of us.


I say DEFINITELY on the pre-school question. My kids both started around age 3. My daughter got a real jump-start on reading and science because she went to Montessori, and it was very academically focused. My son took to the socialization aspect in a big way because that was more the focus of his school. It was an excellent experience for both of them. My daughter is now 23 and a civil engineer, and my son is 20 and a Navy corpman in Iraq, attached to a platoon of Marines. I'm very proud of them both.


I'm a SAHM with a 3 year old and a 5 year old. My oldest daughter started at a preschool co-op when she was 2. We stuck with it for the next year and a half, but finally quit. The co-op experience was awful. I'm sure someone has had a good experience with preschool co-op's but it wasn't a good match for us. Too much drama and b.s. However, the same daughter has been at a Montessori preschool for the last two years and loves it! It's been amazing and she's learned so much more than if she simply stayed at home with me every day. It's been beneficial for both of us. My youngest daughter started at Montessori in September and is also enjoying it. I'm a big proponent of preschool, as long as it's the right fit for your family.

Kathryn Sigman

I was a SAHM for thirteen years AND lived in a small town! I sent my youngest son to a preschool at our church for two half days a week. I did it mainly so he could meet friends (kids he would eventually go to school with) and learn to socialize. I also joined the early childhood PTA and met the greatest people! Other SAHM's who understood all the ups and downs of being one. My youngest met his best friend in the world through preschool!


That CAN'T be James!


I sent all three of mine to preschool for the last year. So just the pre K. And I think that worked well for us. They got a few days a week in a different "lerning' and "socializing" environment. and they loved it. I think it eases them into the kindergarten phase nicely.


Both of mine went to preschool, although my youngest started a bit earlier than the eldest as he seemed much more ready (having been with me to drop his older sister off at preschool since he was born). For me it gave me much more structured blocks of time in which to get my work done (like you I work from home), and they both enjoyed activities that we wouldn't do at home very often. Once my eldest was at school fulltime and the youngest was still at preschool, the times he was at home became a special 'just the two of us' time, of which I have fond memories. They both made friends there who they still play with now. Personally, I think that as long as you don't push them into education fulltime from a very early age, going to preschool can add a lot to their development and give you a (often much needed) break too.


Pre - school is a must for helping children to socialise with others and to realise that Momma can leave them but that she will return to collect them.
My sons are both adults now but I'm sure the experience helped them when they went to school and also helped them to learn that Momma has her own stuff to do sometimes.

It's important for the parent to learn to let go too!


Oh my goodness, James is a little man now! I was a SAHM for almost 7 years (went back to work when my younger daughter was 3½) both my girls went to pre-school - 4 days a week 2 hours per day. One thing you might want to be sure of is that it is a play based pre-school. I don't know about other places but, in the Chicago area, the trend is toward academic pre-schools. There is a very large body of research that up to about age 5 or 6 (& I suspect beyond) children learn best through play


James is SO cute. My "baby" just turned 24 yesderday but in my mind I still see the little boy in his face. Say can you fax me some of that mac and cheese - it's chilly and drizzling and that would hit the spot here at work!


YES to preschool. As a school person, I can definitely see the difference in the kids that had preschool and those that have not. Learning to follow directions from other adults, socialization and early prereading skills. Kindrgarten is not what it was when you went. I learned more about my son from his pre-k teacher than any other teacher he ever had. She taught me things about his personality that ring true until this very day.

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