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November 26, 2008



Stuffing, any kind! I'm sorry to hear you were ill and happy to hear that you're better now. Food poisoning is the worst! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your lovely family. I'm thankful for SSYC.


Turkey Turkey Turkey. I love roast turkey possibly more than any other food on the planet, but they are too big to make for just my husband and I (my toddler won't eat turkey, she doesn't know what she's missing!) so I look forward to my mom's and mother-in-laws turkey every year! But really there is no Thanksgiving food that I don't love...mashed tatos, squash, my mom's garlic peas, stuffing, pie! Mmmmm! Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday of the year!

Sue Johnson

Kentucky Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole. My sugar fix for the entire month!


I have to say it is the rolls. Smelling them baking and then watching the butter melt on them. Yum, Yum. Massive carbohydrate glut coming my way!!


My stuffing. Even though that sounds vain, I learned from my
ex-husbands mother. It's delicious. I can't eat it anymore,
but my kids always said "more".
Also we were big on apple pie
instead of the traditional pumpkin


My husband ROCKS the gravy. It is his one cooking talent, truly. I make everything but he makes the gravy. Gravy in our family is very serious stuff. There was a young lady who was marrying into our family and she was put in charge of the gravy. Poor girl- she was in the weeds. She's been out of the family for years and we are STILL talking about the gravy. Yes, we can be a petty people, but gosh darn it- gravy matters!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for my still very toasty Hederas :-)


So glad you are feeling better!!!
I look forward to Lemon Meringue Pie. Thanksgiving is the only time I make them and I really love them. And stuffing, love the stuffing too.

Sheila in Ohio

Thanksgiving is my absolutely favorite holiday! I love it all, but I couldn't live without my dressing.


I love the turkey but my favorite is an old family recipe for Irish Potato Stuffing. It's been handed down in our family for generations. Several years ago, we invited my SO's mother, brother & sister to share Thanksgiving with us (they are of Irish heritage also.) His mother got the most delighted look on her face - she said that my dressing was identical to what her mother had made when she was young (she was about 80 at the time - about 6 years ago)! I think that the sock club selection shown above may be my favorite of all of them although it's really hard to pick one - they are all lovely.

Kathryn in Minnesota

Stuffing! Ooh, and pumpkin pie.


I look forward to the green bean casserole, and of course the pumpkin pie!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Cranberry and orange sauce. My mother in law used to make it from scratch. Chop berries and orange peels a few days ahead of time, add a little sugar.

No jar stuff off the shelves for her..or me. Take care of yourself.


Amanda Cathleen

So glad to hear that your feeling better!
Just one dish? I look forward to the turkey, stuffing, mmmm gravy, rolls.... and spending time with family

Syd T.

My fav dish is my orange cranberry sauce with Triple Sec added after it cools...for adults fav activity is teaching my God-daughter (in her 30's) new things for her knitting, we are working on socks this year!

I am so happy your feeling better and that Hubby was such a huge help!


love your wool
and after reading about thanks giving i wish i was Amercian
thanks great reading


I'm a bit late with the comment, but hands-down, no-contest, the ultimate Thanksgiving dish is the slice of my grandmothers apple pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving.

She long ago lost the ability to make pies herself. So I carry on the tradition and bake enough for our crowd of 20 or so, with enought leftover for my breakfast. The quiet morning gives me time to truly reflect on the many wonderfuls things for which I am thankful.

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