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October 01, 2008



My Trekking 126 arrived Monday and I'm 3/4 of the way through my first sock. I couldn't stop! I did mine on US 2's in the 3x1 rib. I hope they're not too slouchy! And yes, I have SSS all the time, but hopefully not with this yarn, it's so much fun!


Like you a try hard to finish one pair before starting another. Buuuut it doesn't always work out like that. Love all your single socks :)


How many stitches did you cast on from your Brach's colorway sock? I haven't started mine yet, but will likely use a US0 and do the K3, p1 pattern that you are using. Thanks.


Allison your sock looks great. I going to start mine this weekend.

Stay strong!


To avoid SSS, I knit both socks at the same time, alternating sections: cuff1, cuff2, leg2, leg1, heelflap1, etc. This also helps me make two *uniform* socks, instead of one experimental, the other the real thing.


I love the mosaic knitting - I know the pattern from Sensational Socks but it's in black and white, and I can't believe how different it is in those colours! Much nicer! Hmm are you enabling us Allison? ;-)

Molly Johnson

I have got to agree with Abby. I do the same thing...(cuff1, cuff 2, leg 1, leg 2, heel 1, heel 2, ect..) Casting On is the hardest part for me, so when I force myself to do the second one....the rest is a breeze...


I love your socks. I am going
to knit my son some socks with
a four and one rib pattern with
some stash that I have. I'm
glad your mom is o.k. and sorry
for your losses. I am only here
on a day to day basis myself, but knitting keeps me going. Not
so hot anymore, but the turtle
wins the race, so they say. I wished someone would pay me
for frogging.

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