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October 06, 2008


Kathryn in Minnesota

I'm a concert pianist. I've toured literally from China to the Czech Republic, and while I treasure the experiences I've had on tour, it's pretty tough going. Some of this is related to the general neurosis of an artist (will anybody come to my concert?) and some of this relates to train and plane connections, carting baggage around, never knowing where the nearest drugstore is, etc. I bonked my hand on a nighttable in the middle of the night in a tiny town in Slovakia and literally couldn't get ice for it. On the other hand, I can claim minor triumphs like successfully asking in Cantonese for more hangers for my hotel room, despite no background in any Asian languages whatsoever. I've a ton of great stories, not nearly enough great photos given the fantastic things I've seen, and have met so many wonderful generous kind people all around the globe. Would I trade my past? Nope. Do I tour as much these days as I used to? Nope. Do I miss the more frequent touring? Not in the least. That said, one can get a lot of knitting done on trains and planes!

Thanks for sharing those photos!


Wow... very cool!


Italy, ahhhh. Thank you for sharing. What job does she have?!


Having a job where you travel, exotic and otherwise, is very exciting for a while. I have traveled better than 70% of my time for the past 4 years and I have to say for me the best trip is the one home. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!


Gorgeous photos. How does your sister feel about travel? My son in law & one of my daughters travel for work - my son in law on an almost weekly basis - mostly to the San Francisco area & my daughter several times a year to various US cities (she works for the federal government) - mostly not so great cities like Jacksonville Fl (It is probably a lovely city to live in but not too exciting to visit). The best cities she has traveled to are Seattle (which I love with a passion), New York & Boston. But, even in those great cities, she has little time to enjoy them or be a tourist (even evenings are usually spent having dinner with workmates & bosses or exercising & going to bed early due to jet lag) unless she spends the weekend at her own expense. My son in law has even less time to do anything but work while on the road - one of the few pluses to his promotion & their having to move to the Bay area is that, hopefully, he will have to travel very little & work fewer hours so he can spend time with the children. It's very sad when the 22 month old points to the sky & says Daddy in the sky.

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