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October 09, 2008



Thanks for showing the scarf! I love this pattern. I strung 400 beads the first and second time and 454 the last time. I didn't want to have too many ends to weave in. I pulled out about 10-12 yds of yarn and put some beads on a paper plate and strung them. As I pushed them down the yarn, carefully so not hurt the yarn :- ), I coiled it in a paper bowl. The bowl helped to keep the yarn from getting tangled. And yes, it probably took 2 hours to do this but once I was done, I could knit for hours without having to stop and string more beads!


Don't be afraid of patterns with beads. Some of them place the beads as you go with a crochet hook. Really slick and less stress on the yarn. The Mystery stoles that PinkLemon has are an example.


The sweater is wonderful as is the scarf. I am VERY glad I was able to purchase the Happy Jack Stripey before it sold out. Just started knitting a sock with it this morning before work. Any hints as to what the soon to be in stock stripe colors from Beyond Basic Knits will be (hint, hint)?
Question: what is the best description of the CTH Ginger Snap color? It looks different in each photo I have seen of it - it comes off very red on the CTH website.


I'll tell you an excellent pattern to start beading. It's Cabled beaded hat/ mitten pattern from Cabin fever. I loved doing this. I had never done cables or beads before and the directions were great. I did it in the Classy yarn. I get so many compliments on it. I can't wait for the October sock club yarn gets to my house...


Gingersnap is somewhat of a muted orangish/pink red. Isn't that an odd description?- it looks very similar to their discontinued color Nantucket Red, only it has a pink cast to it. It's really lovely.

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