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October 13, 2008



I've knit Monkey socks toe-up using the adaptation sugggested by Craftoholic. That pattern adjustment did require a yarn-over at the beginning of a row. Since the previous stitch was a knit stitch, I brought the working yarn forward and then back in order to knit the following stitch.

What if you moved your stitches on the needles so the first stitch would not be the yarn-over? You could always move your stitches back into the pattern order before knitting the heel.


Me again. Sorry, I forgot to address the question of circs vs DPNs. I use DPNs for sock knitting. So no, you don't have to knit your socks on circulars, unless you want to.

Elizabeth D

You can move the stitches around. Use stitch markers to indicate which stitch would fall at the beginning of each needle or row, according to your pattern. Ignore the physical beginning and end of each needle and take it from there. I always do this if something wants me to start a needle with a yo. (And I resolutely carry my stitches on 3 dpn's and knit with the 4th, in my old-fashioned way -- stitch markers are my friend here, too).


I think I've done socks with YOs at the beginning of the needle on dpns without any problem (damned memory issues - too many socks, clearly). There are two solutions. You can either just do the YO as normal (assuming between two knit stitches, bring yarn to front, knit first stitch on needle and that should turn out two stitches). Alternately, you can leave a bit of slack at the start of that needle and pick up the YO on the next round (when you get back to that point, pick up the strand between the stitches that straddle the two needles as if doing a M1 and knit through the front of the stitch so as not to twist the stitch.)
I hope that makes sense.


Many of my patterns call for a YO just like you mention. They're no different than any other YO. If it's a knit stitch, just bring your yarn forward and then back. If it's a purl, then you wrap the yarn around like normal. If I'm doing a pattern and the last stitch is a YO, I do the exact same thing. I do the YO on the last needle and then move to the next one. As long as the yarn is in the proper position (just like for any YO), you won't have a problem. It will show up just like it's supposed to.

Don't worry about it and do it like you always do. If you begin to doubt yourself, that's when you run into problems. I used to use circulars when doing socks, but not anymore. I use three or four DPN's depending on the pattern and the stitch count. It doesn't matter how many needles you're using; it's simply the proper position of the yarn like I stated above.

Good luck, and don't let it bother you!


Pam is right that they're just like any other yarn over but, at the beginning of a row you risk dropping it. So I would agree with those who suggest that you just redistribute the stitches so that the place where you do the yarn over is not at the beginning of a needle & move them around for the heel later. You can use stitch markers to mark where the beginning of each needle is supposed to be. Like Elizabeth D, I greatly prefer using 4 DPN's for socks - stitches on 3 with the 4th used for knitting. I knit the Monkey socks with 5 needles (stitches on 4) as the pattern suggests but found it really awkward. The other needles just seemed in the way a lot more than when fewer are used.

Marion Wilhelm

I agree with the others, redistribute your stitches using markers for the beginning of the row. By moving stitches around a bit you also prevent a gap between needles. Personally, I use circulas using the magic loop technique which I LOVE! Rarely do you lose stitches. Give that a try, too.

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