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September 17, 2008



I too have never knit a technically perfect pair of socks. There is always a mistake. As long as I can live with it, I don't rip it out. But if I agonize over it, then it must be corrected. (so far no ripping )

I like to watch Dancing With the Stars, Bones, and CSI while I knit. But then, I knit most evenings to whatever is on the tv.


I thought those socks looked familiar - I recently finished a pair of Embossed Leaves in CTH supersock (from SSYC, natch). Pix on my blog.

NFL football is my knitting TV companion. Baseball works well, too, as does golf, but not basketball.


The socks look great. What's perfect anyway? :)

Kathryn in Minnesota

I'm in favor of leaving a small mistake or two in my socks. It's an offering to the knitting goddesses/gods/spirits. If the mistake affects fit, though, all bets are off. I will frog mercilessly to get my socks to fit me.

With Abby, I believe in the virtue of knitting while watching sports. I get too wrapped up in plot to be able to knit while watching Monk, Psych, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, and the Closer. Though I do seem to be able to knit during House. Unlike Abby, I like knitting while watching basketball. I'm a huge knitting-while-watching-soccer fan.

Love the socks!


I've become hooked on the political shows on MSNBC over the summer (nothing else of interest to watch). I'm a huge fan of Keith Olberman & especially Rachel Madow. Lately I've even become a little fond of Chris Matthews. I also have a bunch of movies on Tivo that I like to watch - some more than once. The Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple movies are favorites & I also have several Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy movies (from TCM) that I haven't found time to watch yet. Mostly I've become hooked on Tivo -even if I'm home sitting in front of the TV when a show is airing, I will start watching it about 15-20 minutes late on Tivo so I can just zip through the commercials. I also have Fringe on Tivo but haven't watched it yet.


Oh yeah - I don't correct mistakes unless they affect the fit of a sock or are so blatant as to be jarring.


Unless they are major, I consider mistakes to be "persian flaws." I like the story behind the concept, so it makes me happy to have a flaw or two in my work. My perfect knitting show has to be "The Young and the Restless". If I only actually look at the screen once or twice per episode, I still know what's going on. And of course, Star Trek and Lost in Space reruns work for me too.


I knit watching anything on TV, I can't watch without doing something. I like the Home Improvement shows and movies. Love the color of your socks. I made the mistake of buying the Favorite Socks 2 and everybody seems to knit from the first one. Maybe I should consider buying this one.


Okay, I have to admit that the Young and the Restless is something that I watch once in awhile too... I find that if I watch it once every two weeks I can keep up on the storyline.
And I've seen every episode of every Star Trek series at least 3 times. Yes, I'm a closet Trekkie.


In my group of knitting friends someone said the Indians would make one mistake (on purpose) in their weaving in order to let the evil spirits out - this works for me. I love the concept... whether it is true or not!

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