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September 19, 2008



Mmmmmm... Festival food....

I'd go with a k1p1 rib for the cuff myself. I like how it transitions to a k3p1 rib.


oh... I like festivals! We are having an Arts & Crafts festival here this weekend. It is the first one I will get to go to since moving here in June.

I wonder if you could do some kind of twisted rib for the cuff? Ktbl,k,ktbl,p1? or some variation of that.


I'm pretty simple - I'd just do k3, p1 all the way.


I agree with Vicky, go k3 p1 all the way, it will stay up better. I wanted this yarn so much, and had a terrible case of buyers regret, I will keep an eye all week. Thanks for getting more.


That zinnia is fabulous! It really does look like zinnias!


I lived in Fort Wayne when the Johnny Appleseed Festival first started. It's always been one of my favorites. My husband and I learned about one of our favorite historical authors there: Allen Eckert. Good snacks and Fort Wayne history! Yum! Hope you had a good time. You brought back good memories.


K1 p1 works really well for a cuff on a k3 p1 rib. I like how it flows into the other. :)


Just the Ham N Bean Soup with Cornbread for me- I stayed away from all of the other festival food. It was hard too. Cost of food was up, up ,up! Bought some lovely apples,tomatoes and the strangest gourd I have ever seen. Shaped like a giant apple but colored like a watermelon! Smelled all the yarn- talked to the alpacas- it was fun.

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