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August 19, 2008


Allise Vicens

I'm currently knitting a pair of CTH possum socks and I'm halfway through Fannie's Farmhouse in Rose Garden. I just can't get enough of FF yarns but I'd sure love to win a skein of the new CTH colorway!

Debra Bryant

Right now I am knitting the Noro Wave Scarf pattern in Noro Silk Garden color 8. I am loving it! Thanks for sharing.


I am making the Silky Kerchief shawl out of Noro Silk Garden Sock, and have added a border to it. It's a LOT of yarn, and I ran out just short of completion! D'oh!

I hope the baby has recovered from his sunscreen!

Carrie Rainwater

the shawl pretty as a peacock in handmaiden mini maiden. She'll be bigger than I am!! Thats not saying much I'm short.


right now - some stripey Noro socks!


right now i'm knitting a pair of baby cable socks....and the lace ribbon scarf...and the "hey teach" cardigan... ;)


Right now I have half an afghan, a pair of socks I can't photograph or else they won't be a surprise, and these: (Tsuspense Tsock project from the Tsock Tsarina)


Must.Enter.All.Contests. Thanks for the contest!

On the needles today -- a petal facecloth, a Red Scarf project, a clapotis, a Grabbit. Those are the ones being worked on here and there. There are others that are currently abandoned.

Nothing that has a picture yet.


I am currently working on socks using Sleeping Dragon Wooly Bamboo and the "Undulating Waves Scarf" using Schaefer Heather.


I'm knitting the lovely Seraphim from Mimi Felton in Cherry Tree Hill color cherry. Can you tell I live CTH?


Currently on my #2 needles: Lorna's Laces "Seaside" in a classic, basic sock pattern.

I'm landlocked in the midwest and miss the sand and surf of the coast, so the colors in this yarn are bringing back memories.


LOL - I currently have way too many things on my needles! I'm still working on my Lace Ribbon Scarf with ShiBui Knits sock yarn and just started a pair of socks with Fiesta Boomerang.


Right now I have CTH Foxy Lady with a basic sock pattern and Lorna's Laces river. Love both of these yarns.

Michele in Maine

On my needles: ZigZag Socks in Blue Hawaiian Yarntini; Spring Forward Socks in Claudia's Blue Fields; plain vanilla socks in some Opal; plain socks in Wollmeise Pfaunauge; Wendy's Healthy Spine socks in Nature's Palette Lilac; a toddler poncho in D.Bliss cashmerino baby; a Wool Peddlar's Shawl in Lotus yarn's Hydroponic; and a cupcake for a swap partner!


My active projects are the 'rectangle shawl with diamond center' (I think that's its title) from Victorian Lace Today in Kid Silk Night as my home knitting. My bus/work knitting is the Noro Wave scarf in color S8 (purples, blues, greens). There are a few other items languishing in the WIP pile as the shawl has to be done for my wedding in 4 weeks. :)


Hm, currently knitting some plain stockinette socks that I'm making up as I go along, the Embossed Leaves socks, a hat shaped like a shark and a never-ending scarf that is kind of like the Chevron Scarf. That and my spinning projects.


Lets see...I have the second sock CGS (Camouflage Green Socks) and a basic black hat for Socks for Soldiers on my needles. Actually these (or their brothers & sisters) are always on my needles. Occasionally I slip in another project but these occupy most of my knitting time. Pictures can be found on Ravelry.


On the needles right now... an uneven rib sock of Shibui Sock and a child-sized hat for a charity project. And learning to spin.
That CTH is a lovely colorway!


What don't I have on the needles. I am making koigu squares for a barn raising blanket, a february Ladies sweater and.....


On the needles right now are a Noro Wave Scarf (thanks for the pattern!) for my daughter's Christmas present in the black/charcoal/navy/green colorway. Absolutely gorgeous! Also a helmet liner for my son's Marine platoon deploying for Iraq in September. And a Lady Eleanor stole in Noro silk garden. And four pair of socks (silk garden, kureyon, fleece artist, and seacoast). And a lace scarf for an upcoming class I'm teaching at my LYS.


Just finished
monkey sock out of CTH,
and right now
I have a pair
of socks in
Happy Feet,
and I'm knitting a feather and fan baby blanket because I recently found out that I am going to be
a great-grandma.


Currently on the needles:
Monkey sock in Lorna's Laces Ballerina Blues colorway.

Plain sock in Trekking XXL color # 108.

Spiderman blanket for my son - crocheting.

Cobblestone pullover for my husband in a forest green heather yarn.

Leaf lace scarf in some gorgeous blue/green yarn from Knitting Notions.

I hope I win the contest!!! I loooooooooove sock yarn!!!!


Beautiful colors on the yarn - thanks for sharing!

Hmmm... two of the things on the needles right now are a Mr. Greenjeans sweater in Jaeger Shetland Aran and the Seraphim Shawl in Brooklyn Handspun.


hmm, on the needles
one gusset-heel gansey sock waiting for the toe to be grafted (must be done when small kids are sleeping).

Working on the toe decreases for the first of Mad Color Weave socks in a club yarn.

A blingy shawl for my sister out of some butterfly type yarn

a regency inspired winter hat for my oldest in pink, purple, orange and white (she also wanted blue but we couldn't find a yarn with all of those colors)
I need to get pictures of all of these. Oh well maybe this afternoon if it stays sunny.


My needles currently contain a pair of socks, a short gray and black cardigan and a dishcloth that I'm not too crazy about.


My current project is socks (of course) in CTH Moody Blues, the pattern is BFF socks by Cookie A. You can see them on my blog, the August 6 page. I had discovered an error and had to lay them aside for a while. I finished another pair then went back, corrected the mistake and am now half-way down the foot. The blog is "She Knits Socks" and the address is .

Kathryn in Minnesota

Just finished the first Salish Sea Sock (Cat Bordhi pattern) in Blue Fiber Arts STR mediumweight 100% superwash merino, and will get the second sock on the needles this evening. Also have Cherry Hill "Birches" in some sort of sock-type yarn going in another Cat Bordhi sock pattern.


I'm test knitting a sock of my own design for a future KAL offering and a simple sock in Regia cotton when my mind can't take the other one any more. That CTH yarn color is gorgeous. I hope I win; I hope I win: . . .


I'm test knitting a sock of my own design for a future KAL offering and a simple sock in Regia cotton when my mind can't take the other one any more. That CTH yarn color is gorgeous. I hope I win; I hope I win: . . .


Currently working on my "Construction Sock"


I'm currently working on Caryn's Kerchief in Koigu. I can't remember the exact colourway, but it's in blues and purples. I'm planning on making several Kerchiefs as Christmas presents.

Rasa Chambers

Must enter contest and add to my stash!I just finished a pair of maizy socks - crosshatch lace pattern and have now cast on a pair of red socks for my brother in a cable pattern.


Nothing. There is currently nothing on my needles. I am currently in a knitting slump, and really need this yarn to just start me again!!


I've got 2 CTH on the needles. Both toe up, just started! One sports weight Wild Berry and the other is Silk & Merino DK in natural. I love CTH. Can't wait to see the finished socks. Thank you for entering me in the contest. Beautiful Yarn!


Nicole (ikkinlala)

I just started a pair of Spring Forward socks.


Everything on the needles? Sakes.

The project I'm working on now is my gumdrop socks. I also have 2 shawls on the needles, one single sock waiting for a mate to be cast on, a blanket for Junior, a scarf that is ripped and needs to be restarted...

Oh and Junior's cardi which is more than likely much to small now. It just needs one arm set in and seamed. I don't want to talk about it.


My needles are clicking away on 2 pair of ribbed socks for my Uof Michigan football fans(husband and big-footed son). Lorna's Laces in the U of M colorway. Go Blue!


I'm knitting a baby blanket for Project Linus. When the Orioles season was just getting going I decided that I would knit a baby blanket for Project Linus each time Brian Roberts, the second baseman, hit four hits in one game. He did this August 10th. The picture of the blanket-in-process is in the August 17th blog post of my blog As you can see from my other posts, I definitely caught the sock fever :D

Amanda Cathleen

lately I've been suffering from bout of cast-on-ist's. 1. Marigold socks using BMFA in sunstone, 2. Monkey socks using Pigeonroof studio's in vintage 3. Stockinette socks to leave in the car, using yarntini in cosmopolitan and 4. a blue February lady sweater for my oldest daughter using DIC in some summer sky. *gulp* do I really have 4 WIP's??! I don't think I've had that many going at one time before! And I really want to cast on for Loppem for me....

Kathryn Sigman

I have a pair of "Spring Forward" socks on my needles. OK, I also have a baby sweater and a another pair of socks on the needles, too!


lace ribbon scarf - and I'm really enjoying it.


I'm so glad there are lots of people with multiple projects and I'm not the only out-of-control knitter in the world! I've got Cherry Tree Hill possum socks in green mtn madness and Shelridge Farms socks in Chili Powder and Shelridge farms cable socks in heathered gray and Trekking hand dyed in Volcano mitts(lost my head and added swarovski crystals to these) and Creatively Dyed snowflake merino socks in ATS2 and every one is my very favorite and the housekeeping and cooking is suffering just a little.....


I'm knitting the Montego Bay Scarf and the Lace Ribbon Scarf with a Clapotis fresh on the frog pond!


I'm making Perambulate's in Yarn Love Plum cake.


I am knitting a pair of socks in Fixation, a sweater for my Grandson, and I just finished a pair of socks for my daughter in Anne yarn.

I will be posting them to my blog soon!

I still have to take a picture of my beautiful scarf I did for the KAL......Happy Knitting to all,


I've got the Central Park Hoodie on the needles and a pair of Froot Loops. There are others but those are my two go-to projects right now.


I am knitting The French Market Bag with Cleckheaton Vintage Hue, using 6.5mm needles. I just need to felt it and it will be awesome.

Sheila in Ohio

On the needles now is Oat Couture's Knit Ruana for myself in a sumptuous black and gold boucle which I hope to have finished in time for Fall weather. I also just started generic socks for both my son & DIL... in sorta-Ohio State colors of scarlet&gray&black--one in sKnitches SSS/Wickedness (from you!) and one in Trekking/#122 (also from you, I believe). Chances are these won't be done for the first game in 10 days, but that's my goal.

Thanks for the contest!


Current sock is Go with the Flow in CTH super solid. I think I should get this sock yarn because CTH is my fave.

Other major project currently underway is the Minimalist Cardigan, in Lily Chin.

Both can be viewed here:


I'm still very slowly working on my Lace Ribbon scarf! I'm also making a baby sweater and a pair of Loksins in Smooshy.


Oh my, four pairs of socks, the jojoland swirl shawl and then I need to start some baby booties (shibui) for 3 new arrivals!!!!


On my needles now is an Uptown Boot sock (which is going to be an Uptown Ankle sock!) in a pretty pink STR yarn. It's going slowly, which is why it will be an ankle sock! I also have an alpaca scarf on the needles for my hubby, but it's been too warm here to knit with alpaca!


I have 4 things OTN:
An afghan for the kitty shelter;
a sweater that I'm abt to start the front for;
a pair of socks for ME;
a charity sweater for Children In Common.

that yarn is YUMMY!


Right now I'm using some Koigu KPPPM to knit up a pair of anklets. No pictures yet as I've just cast on. If you go to my blog, however, you can see the baby socks I just finished. They are modeled beautifully by my baby!


Right now I am working on socks using Schaefer Anne in a lovely earth tones colorway and their "Pretty" pattern, and the Dale of Norway "Ladybug" (Marihone) sweater for my 1-year-old daughter ... maybe I will be finished by the time she's 2 ... LOL! Good thing I am making a bigger size!


First of all, I love that yarn. The color combination is great!

I currently have a top down sweater on my needles ( a Christmas present), a prayer shawl, an afghan, and a pair of socks in Tofutsies for my granddaughter. I won't even comment on all the things that are put away on needles that I haven't worked on in a while - not even sure what all there is.

As for pictures, I don't have a camera with a working battery right now to post any pictures. Sorry.


On the needles right now is a pair od Miriams, and a pair of Victorian Swags. I won't mention all the things that are marinating right now.
I love the colors in that yarn, very pretty.

Amy Jo

I'm knitting Ysolda's Elijah out of Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton in pickle.


On my needles are a few projects. One is a pair of basic self striping socks, one is the Corset tank top and the last one is the Printed Silk Cardigan. Both tops can be found on Ravelry.
Thanks for the opportunity in the contest! Have a great day knitting!


on my needle at the moment is the Chic Knits Basic Chic Pulli This is my first jumper knitted from the top down and on circular needle. I just love how there will be very little sewing at the end!


On my needles are
1. Janes Hedgerow socks in a teal yarn
2. A burnt orange scarf using the Yarn Harlots pattern
3. Legwarmers for my daughters gymnastic practice done in 2x2 rib


I probably don't remember all that I have on needles: Just finished 2 pair socks for toddlers from leftover Regia sock yar (Charlene Schurch's More Sensational Socks); to felt: flip flops from some VERY old (30 yrs) Bernat worsted (we'll see if it felts!); a couple of vests, a jacket, more socks out of bamboo yarn...


I have a pair of green kilt hose on my needles as well as a pair of socks that will be a Christmas gift for a friend.


I am knitting this Lacy Garden Ascot pattern (link here)
I am knitting it in Fleece Artist Merino in the color Jester. It is coming out very nice and a super easy pattern. I don't wear jewelry so I plan to make several ascots similar to this to wear to work & give as gifts.


Pretty colors for the yarn - can't wait to see the others!
On the needles is a Back-Zip Hooded Sweater for my grandson. Using Ella Silkience, and US 4 circs.


Artichoke Socks. With yarn I bought from you!


Right now... oh dear.

Cable and rib socks in CTH Supersock Potluck; two small lacey cardigans; one little vest-cardigan; two lace wraps, and soon to start some more sample knitting and socks!


I'm working on a pair of socks for BF...and a pair for me...and should be working on a sweater...and recently finished a swap package. Clearly I don't *need* more sock yarn, but contests are hard to resist ;)


I'm knitting a pair of Basket Check socks using CTH Supersock on size 1 needles.

Thanks for the contest!


On my needles are: a garter stitch block afghan, a sleeveless top out of Berroco Zodiac, a pair of socks in Opal yarn, another pair of socks in Online summer sock, and a shawl in Fiesta Boomerang. I like to work on a variety of things all at once.


current wip's :

1)some Cy Sweaters (see my blog/flicker site)
2)a cropped shrug
3)an orange cabled sweater

soon wip's
1) a hat to match the FBS
2) a February Lady Sweater

something in 4 colors - soon taking a fair isle class!


current wip's :

1)some Cy Sweaters (see my blog/flicker site)
2)a cropped shrug
3)an orange cabled sweater

soon wip's
1) a hat to match the FBS
2) a February Lady Sweater

something in 4 colors - soon taking a fair isle class!


I don't have a picture posted yet but right now I'm working on a pair of "Go with the Flow" socks using Shibui "Sock!" in the color you call Anime. (which I bought from you).

I also have a SitCom chic, a pair of plain socks, a lace scarf I'm test-knitting for a friend, and a number of other projects that are currently out-of-sight, out-of-mind.


I have 2 items on the needles right now - a pair of plain Jane socks in Panda Cotton Blueberry Grape (to save my sanity when the other project makes me crazy) & the Dinosaur sweater ( by Lucinda Guy for my grandson's BD in a couple of weeks.


I'm doing a pair of Fawkes socks and I've got a Column of Leaves scarf waiting for me to pick up again.


I have three different sock patterns going on right now...
Snicket Socks
Uptown Boot Socks
my own no-name-yet design
There are pictures at my Rav project page:, or my blog: Thanks for offering up a fun contest!:o)


I am currently knitting a pair of men's size 10 socks in Dream in Color Smooshy (black parade) for the Ravelympics Sockput event. Not much time left to finish the event ... but definitely worth the time out to enter your contest.


I am knitting with Sockotta in pattern beaded rib from SKS. I also have some Berroco Comfort Sock going for Snake River and some Panda Cotton also in Snake River.

I also have some Misti Alpaca Lace working Woodland Shawl (kind of sleeping right now though) along with the beginnings of a sweater vest in Cabin Fever.

I have pics of most on my blog or in Ravelry.


I'm knitting Concertina Socks in DIC smooshy yarn - Some Summer Skies colourway for my SIL's b'day present.


Currently casting on second sock for both a Spiraling Coriolis and Ocean Toes from Cat Bordhi's "New Pathways for Sock Knitters."
Don't even get me started on all the other things on my needles.. I'll only admit to the socks for now!

Kris with a K

ON the needles right now, sock-wise: Jaywalkers in Claudia's Handpainted Toast colorway, and plain Jane stockinette with picot edge socks in Claudia's Passion Berry. Also using sock yarn I am making a "Noro Striped" scarf (K1P1 rib on odd number st, changing colors every 2 rows) using Claudia Strawberry Latte and Oops. Just finished the purse made of leftover sock yarn balls (and lined with son's jeans!) and a 'Wrap of Many Colors" made of sock yarn mitered squares and edged in attached I-cord.

Yarn Mouse

Okay, an abbreviated list cuz I don't want to hijack the blog entry:

a scrap afghan knit in moss stitch with one strand black, one strand next-scrap-that-needs-to-get-used-up

a fuzzy brown scarf in 3x3 rib for Stand Up for Kids in Boulder, CO. (the hat is already done.)

a baby sweater out of a cotton blend for a local hospital

and the list goes on... LOL!

Sue Sticksel

I always have a pair of socks in process- currently knitting Pam Gordnier"s "catch of the day pattern" in dream in color smooshy(sp?) in a deep purple. Last night I just finished a dream in color pattern- Sleepwalker socks in a luscious seacoast handpainted yarn colorway calpso. I would post but I've got a new computer which I haven't quite figured out yet.

This weekend we are going on a roadtrip and I'm taking the candleflame shawl which I started 2 years ago - I am bound and determined to finish this before Christmas.


Currently I am working on a lace patterned scarf in Dream in Color Smooshy yarn, petal shower color. Loving it!


I hope I win that pretty yarn!...My projects are at this link:

they are both at the bottom of the page.
One Row Scarf using Malabrigo yarn
Rivolo Scarf using Fearless Fibers yarn

blogless Grace

Right now I have a vest for my husband (Folk Vests) on the needles as well as TrekingXXX socks (also for husband). But I also have a swatch on the needles for a pair of socks for myself. Burnished Berry is stunning!


Oh Oh Oh CHERRY TREE HILL... Awwww My LOVE !!!!!! Yes Yes I want you .. I want you!!!
I am working on The Swing Thing Coat for my GD ... Maybe I can make her some socks??????? :)


Right now my needles have many projects on them, some hibernating. Currently I'm actually working on an everlasting bagstopper in Sugar 'n Cream: and Anne Hanson's Fiddlehead scarf: .

Someday I'll finish these and get back to my unfinished socks and other projects I want to start!

The Cherry Tree Hill looks nice! Thank you for the contest!


Right now I have two pairs of socks going. I am doing two at once on one long needle. I'm using Trekking in two different colorways, toe up, the Crazy Toes & Heels way. Now if I could only figure out that one part of the book....

Elaine Hager

I have OTN Classic Elite Alpaca Sox in the Harvest Color. I love this yarn!!!!! Of course I have only knit 3 pair of socks and this is the 4th. I am hooked! There are so many yarns to try!

I also have a Wallaby sweater OTN for my grandson. Vanna's Choice acrylic as he is growing so fast. Mom likes the washability.

Cynthia Landers

I currently have a pair of socks in a varegated red on my needles and a yummy scarf with Classic Elite Alpaca Sox.

Missy Pollard

Right now I'm making the Central Park Hoodie and a baby blanket for a little one due in September...and I always have at least one pair of socks going.


At the moment I have OTN a pair of wristwarmers using my own handspun (merino/alapca blend) and a scarf in a chunky alpaca directly from the breeder. Also a baby blanket for charity made with some donated yarn.


My new knitting goal is to limit myself to 3 far so good. I have a Ribby Cardi from Bonne Marie Burns, the Montego Bay scarf and I have just started my heels and toes from SSYC and Shelridge Farms today! I met Buffy from SF up at the Michigan Fiber Fest and picked up a third skein of emerald green and am attempting my first "2 at a time" socks and plan to use all three colors!


I am currently knitting one pair of socks out of some Koigu yarn for my mom, and I am knitting a pair of Multi-Directional socks out of some Claudia Hand Painted yarn for myself. I have a bunch of other things in my knitting queue, including a bunch of socks to be made with yarn bought here at SimplySocks!

I love the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, and would love to add it to my stash!


Currently I'm working on the Child's French Socks from Nach Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks in a steal-blue merino that came from a recycled sweater. I have also been working on a set of three baby sweaters for my expecting friend, all in bright happy cotton yarns!


I've got way too many things on the needles, but the active things are the fan kimono from Knit Kimono and a pair of socks out of Flat Feet. :)


Which set of needles LOL!! Handdyed sock blank with Varsity 2AAT, rolled brim baby hat for Crisis Pregnancy Center charity project, Summerlin (, Hollyberry shawl (Abigail's Blue Velvet), Wee Tiny Sock plus a few no think projects that I can pick up when I don't want to think!!


I'm knitting up a couple of baby blankets for some friends who just had twins.


On the needles right now are a pair of RPM socks, a shawl that I am taking a break from, an afghan (also on hiatus), and a crocheted Olympic blanket (because it's taking me 4 years to finish it). The CTH yarn is beautiful, thanks for the contest!!!

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