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August 11, 2008



If you have to use "just" white:
How about cables?
Some pattern stitches that can be used with a solid color but add interest that would be hidden in multicolored yarns?
There are some gansey/sweater pattern stitches that look smashing good in a sock.
I have some old-ish sock patterns at home from Socka that use solid colored sock yarn and patterened stiches on the sock that look like basketweave, waves, and so on.


I used to work for our local school district and the uniform dress code was strictly enforced. The dress codes were established so that no student would stand out. Unfortunately (before the dress codes)some students liked to act "a certain way" because they had "something nicer" to wear and it caused some issues with some having their feelings hurt because they (their parents) could not afford nicer or name brand clothing. I personally would not put all that time into knitting socks with colored feet - just because there are times when a child may have to take their shoes off during school hrs. - or sometimes in class the kids just half take the shoes off and it would draw attention to your child. Some schools may see that as "an act of rebellion" and call you about it asking why they didn't conform to the dress code. I agree with the previous poster, that you can incorporate fun and different patterns into an all white sock to make them different. There was a knitting blog somewhere with a Golden Gate Bridge design knit into the sock and if you're creative I am sure you can think of other designs like that to knit into the sock and still keep it all white. Have fun coming up with new and different ideas.


How about lace for the whole
sock. There are many sock yarns
that are colored that can use
lace for the pattern and the
white will look good in lace.
However, your white socks
might have to be solid or ribbed. I'm sure you can use
just about any pattern.


I know that you mentioned using color on the bottoms. Maybe you could use up leftovers from other pairs to make them really funky.


Okay, the first time I posted the antispam filter complained about adding links.

I put together a pattern for my daughter's gym socks for school. The pattern is here:


I agree that it is probably not the best idea to use colored yarn for the entire foot - just the toe would probably be OK (I mean there are commercial socks that have Gold Toes - actually the only brand I used to wear) but an entire foot that is colored yarn is fairly likely to get noticed & not in a good way. Cables or Gansey patterns are the way to go IMHO - lace if your child is a girl.


Cables! And lots of them!

Fun colored toes and heels are also great. Subversive toes!

I read somewhere about a mom with a similar problem who did colorwork on the toes (turkeys, flowers etc).

Ann Carpenter

Hi all at Simple Sock,
I was just reading over the Noro Wave Scarf pattern and think I've discovered a boo-boo. At the end of rows 2 and 4 it says to P2. I believe it means K2doesn't it? Hope so cause that's how I'm gonna do it.
Ann in Dallas, Texas


How 'bout adding beadwork? There are free patterns on Ravelry (like 'Snow Crystals') that use lace patterns and clear or white beads. If you don't want to stay completely colorless, you might get away with a row of beads in school colors....

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