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July 15, 2008



I can hardly wait for this to arrive. Even with the 90 heat today, I want to knit this yarn--sounds heavenly.

I love your shoes! Do you remember where you got them?


My shoes are Keen's. I got them at They are super comfortable and great for showing off socks. And I'm still swooning over the yarn. I've even considered turning the A/C down so low that I have to wear them all summer! I am very grateful to Allison for giving me the chance to knit the yarn. You can bet I'll be in line for more.


Glad I checked the comments -- those shoes are adorable, and I was going to ask about them.


Just curious? When you say pricey- how pricey? The yarn looks totally yummy!


me! me! me! - jumping up & down & waving my arms about - I want enough for a scarf!!! And maybe mittens.


those socks look so wonderful - and yeah, I'd splurge on that yarn too if I was you :-)

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