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June 04, 2008



Usually it is the color or colors that catch my eye. Then I look at the name. Sometimes the name makes a difference but mostly it's the color. I do like when the colors have a name. It is easier for me to remember a name than a number. So, no, I don't care for the ones that are numbered. But it does make sense if they have to be numbered that they are numbered in the order they are made.


I rarely care about the name of the colorway, it's almost always the actual color that speaks to me, though there are a few exceptions! If a yarn is named after something really special to me, I will usually buy it, even if I don't like the color that much! Example: Socks that Rock in the "Fire on the Mountain" colorway. The Grateful Dead is one of my favorite bands and they have a song named Fire on the Mountain. The colors of the sock yarn are super bright, appropriately like a tye-dyed t-shirt, and unlikely to be something I'd normally pick for myself, but because of the name, I had to have some so I could knit myself some Grateful Dead socks.

There's also an indie dyer out there called "Middle Earth Yarns" and I had to buy a skein of that so I could make myself Lord of the Rings socks, another obsession of mine!

There's another indie line called "Yarn Love" and they have a worsted weight base called "Anne Shirley". I am desperate to get my hands on a skein of it (and I think it might have actually been discontinued! Boo!) since Anne of Green Gables is another of my obsessions.

So I guess sometimes the names of the yarns are important to me, even though that seems really dumb since it's the colors & yarn itself that should matter!

I also vastly prefer colorway names to number names, for the same reason as SusanB, much easier for me to remember. Though I understand how it's not always possible, especially with dyers like Koigu who do relatively short runs of hundreds and hundreds of colorways.


I, too, am tempted first by color. But if they have a name that's meaningful to me or to a recipient I might knit socks for, then it totally will bump that yarn up in my estimation. I once came across yarn whose colorway was my mother's maiden name. Yup. Wouldn't have mattered if it had been camo colors; I would have bought it. (Luckily, it was a nice combination of purples, so it was all good.)

I get grumpy when I'm putting skeins into Ravelry and there's just a dye number. I want it to have a name! (And others must feel the same way because I've definitely seen some yarn retailers create names for the numbered yarns they sell.


I want to know what yarn that is in the picture, gorgeous!!!!!

Names don't really matter to me. I'm all about the color. Call it "Poopy Diaper" if the color is right, I'm buying it.


I am all about the name and color combo. If the name doesn't fit sometimes it makes me twitchy, I rename them in my head. Often I think of them as the recipients socks. They end up with names like B's Camo Monkey socks even though the color was Monsoon. They just seemed like camo colors to me so that is what they are. :)

I don't like when it's just a number, excluding Noro (they would have a heck of a time coming up with names for those color combos.) The numbers seem impersonal to me. I just like when they get a neat name too.


I could care less about the name, I usually never look at the name or the number. I just look at the colors.


Like everyone else, I want the colors to have names instead of numbers (except, as Brenna said, for Noro, which makes no sense even to me, but there you are.) Somehow numbers are so cold and impersonal. It feels like buying yarn from The Man.

A good name can definitely change my opinion of a color. I would definitely buy yarn called "Nap" no matter what the colors are. I think I may like naps even more than I like yarn, so I'd be compelled.


I'll admit to being one of the buyers of the rose garden colorway, because I've been wanting some yarn of the "colors on white" variety, not because it sounds pretty and springy (which it does!). Right now I'm working with some CTH in a colorway called Fall Foliage, which I feel is a misnomer--but the colors are rad, so I like it.

I have a feeling, though, that I would love a colorway called Making Out.. no matter what colors it had. :)


It depends. :) If I'm looking at yarn, either IRL or online, I look at color first. Some online stores, though, only list names and require you to click the name to get to the picture. In those stores, the name of the colorway does have some effect on whether or not I bother to click the link.

I do like to be able to say that I knit something in brand x colorname y, and not just that it's a color number or a blank (like some Schaeffer yarns) simply because it sounds more fun. *grin* Socks knit in Happy Feet Fire Engine sounds better than Happy Feet color 4. (IMO, of course) Some kind of identifier is key, to me, so that I can accurately explain to people who can't see my projects what color(s) I am using.

I definitely like yarns to have a name as opposed to a number, but like others, the colors are usually the deciding factor as to whether or not I buy a yarn or not. There are a few colors out there that I really want or have gotten just because the name is something special to me, though! i.e. Fishing With My Father. I don't particularly care for the colors, but I want this yarn sooo much! A grew up "fishing with my father" and now he is gone, so what better way to honor him than wearing a pair of socks with that name!


When it comes to yarn, color can stop me in my tracks and make a quick stop in the yarn store (or website) for one little thing turn into a very expensive venture. But then so can certain fibers, or brightly colored DPN's. :)


The colorway will catch my attention first, but I have to admit being a total sucker for creative naming. One of my most recent purchases was a skein of yarn named "Frog in a Party Dress". It's pink, green and white, a combination I have in multiples in my stash. But I just could not resist the name.


While I tend to stay away from handpainted yarns, if there was one called "Making Out", "Getting it On" or even just "Afternoon Nap" I would totally buy it, provided that the color was reasonably attractive.


The color is what stops me in my tracks. But I do like having a color name to help me remember the yarn.


In a yarn store, the color name has no effect on my choice. Online, it might have a wee bit to do with it but not much. I think Rose Garden yarns are big sellers because the colors are gorgeous (& personally, I'm a big fan of almost any shade of red or pink ). I bet Lily Pad is another big seller - colors also are lovely - blues & greens with maybe a touch of pink.


I prefer a straightforward descriptive name, something like Nantucket Red, which of course is easier for solids and semi-solids. Evocative names may or may not be helpful, like Rose Garden or Black Purl (helpful) or Georgetown (not so helpful). Code isn't helpful to me, however handy it may be to others.


I bought "Faded Valentine" because of the name. I'm pining for "Coffee Pot Rock" right now.


I go for what the color looks like first and what I have in mind for that purchase. But, I am attracted to the name of a yarn. I like names that I feel correspond to the color. Sometimes I can't figure out where they come up with the names. I wish Koigu would have names for their yarn, but with so many varied colors I guess that could get a little tiring to do.

Sandra D

I find color names useful for remembering the color, but that's about it. It's way easier to remember (and tell friends) that I bought Strange Harvest than color 1322 for example. Other than that, color names have no appeal. I shop based on what I see, not what they call it.


Like everyone else, I love real names--I just can't remember yarn numbers for 2 minutes, and if I do always end up transposing a number.


I must admit I enjoy the romance of the name but I can live without it. Numbers don't help at all. I wonder where Dream In Color comes up with their names...Go Go Grassy what is that about?

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