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June 25, 2008



Head (Well, call 'em) to the local ag store and ask them if they sell strawberry plants, then if the answer is yes, ask them the typical order size for a small family. It seems to me that years ago, my mother and grandparents each decided to plant a patch that number 25 plants in the patch. Also seems like you'll need a bale or two of clean straw to mulch the patch with. I think it takes a full year or maybe two for them to produce with any preserving yield amounts but I could be off.

Honestly, unless you cannot live without raspberries, I'd steer clear of planting them. A lot of work to keep them where you want them and so many prickers on the plants, poor James might end up hating them or miserable from the scratches. (Go ahead, ask me how I know!) Blueberries really seem like the easiest option if you amend the soil ph balance correctly before planting. The house next to my aunt's was empty for years so the blueberry bushes there were neglected but seemed to thrive. I could only imagine what they would have done if cared for properly!

Enough of my novel...I think I found that usb cable this morning!


I have no helpful garden advice - I'm only getting started! But I'll be paying careful attention to the comments you get on this post!


Sorry no help on the strawberries but thanks for tip about Harbor Freight and the chairs. I will be heading there today. My husband is super handy like Joe. He just finished creating a kitchen pantry for me and could not find a suitable spice rack for the door, so he made one. Think I will spend this rainy weekend movng things around in the kitchen.


Such glorious chairs and those tables.. the colors just invite you to sit and relax (which I hope you are doing now and then)
You will enjoy them for a long time! How great to have such a clever guy :-)

Fruits and veggies are very fun. I'm of the school of "try it and see". You'll figure out what grows best where from experimenting -
It looks like you have a great spot that pretty much anything will grow.


Oh, you are a lucky, lucky woman--a man that is handy--now that is sex appeal. My fantasy man is Norm on This Old House. Everything looks wonderful and there is nothing as good as fresh vegtables.


As I have said before, so say I again: That Joe sounds like a keeper to me, roto-tiller and all. James will have lots of fun working with him as he grows up. Sorry, I have no advice as to gardening, as I am as citified as they come, but I do hope good advice finds its way to you.

Jimmie Tomlinson

Just a note on the strawberry question. If you put out about fifty plants, you will have LOTS of berries. My favorite is a little hard to find, but if you can find some Ozark Beauty plants, you will relish the use all season long. All they ask is water during the hottest driest part of the summer, and they will yield clear to frost. Now they are not the biggest, but far and away the best 'old time' flavor. Jimmie

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