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June 02, 2008


blogless Grace

Sorry that ymy current favorite is not one that you carry. I really like Blue Moon Fiber Arts lightweight and mediumweight. It is a tightly spun long-wearing merino that has stood up to all the washing and wearing that I can give it.

Kim Duncan

I'm sorry also, but my favorite is Blue Moon Fibre Arts as well, in the lightweight as it withstands all the wear and tear a person can give it and washes just as well.


hmmmmnn...well let's see....of the yarns you carry in the store, i have just recently discovered dream in color smooshy. it's sproingy and soft and the colors are to die for. i'm addicted and hope to squirrel away a healthy stash. and seacoast panda is a close second. however, my all time super-favorite yarn is twisted fiber art's kabam yarn. meg's self striping colors are truly mesmerizing and the yarn itself is shiny, soft, and not too thin. my current favorite color is warlock. the world can never have too much purple in it afaiac...


Happy 3rd Anniversary and thanks for a great contest! I can't think of a better time to be excited (!!!) than on your anniversary. Off to post on my blog and send you two email messages.

Sally Knotwell

My current favorite sock yarn is Spunky Ecltectic skinny yarn...yum! Her colorway of the month is just marvelous! Pick me, please!!!


I have not tried too many so i would have to say socks that rock.


It is so hard to choose a favorite. My first thought was Schaefer Anne; I love the little bit of mohair. But then I discovered Heather. So I will have to vote Schaefer Heather. I love the silk. It is soft, feels wonderful to work up, and I like the luxury of silk against my feet. They feel pampered.


I know it's not as exciting as some of the yarns out there, but for socks, my all time favorite hands down is Trekking XXL. It knits up beautifully, it comes in colors I love, the socks wash and dry in the machine with no harm done, it has just enough nylon to make it hard wearing, the yarn is just ever so slightly thinner than other sock yarns so it's not bulky in my shoes, it doesn't pill, I don't have to mortgage the house to buy it, there is enough yardage for even the biggest feet, when I open the sock drawer, those are the socks I'm most likely to pull out first, and they make my feet happy.

And that's all I have to say about that!



My favorite is Socks That Rock lightweight. It's definitely the tight twist of the yarn that I like as well as the colors.


My favorite yarn is whatever I'm knitting at the this case, the Fleece Artist sock yarn...I'm sure if I could get Syncopation, I might have a new favorite. ;-)


My current favorite is Koigu - I love the depth of color and the soft silky feel of the wool. A wonderful sock yarn!

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