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June 05, 2008



I have made many socks for presents. I have made socks for
family members and people who
have gone out of their way to help me or my mom when she was
alive. In this case, I would put a little note in with the
sock that they were made with
heartfelt thanks for the wonderful bowls that he made for their family. I always put
the label of the yarn in the box or gift bag so that they will know how to care for their
brand new lovingly made socks.
My relatives put their requests
in every Christmas for the colors that they want. I also
wrap the socks in tissue paper
when I put them in the box or
gift bag. She can go to a department store and ask them
for sock or glove boxes and most
will give you what you want.


I agree with the previous post. I always include washing and blocking or drying instructions. And in this case, I would enclose a thank-you note.


I don't believe socks are any more a personal gift than the handcrafted bowls - just a different art form. I would emphasize that this gift is in appreciation and thanks for the bowls that he took so much time and talent to make. That way it's not like a gift for no reason at all. Also in the craft stores - you can purchase creative gift boxes. I know around here they have what looks like Chinese take out boxes in different sizes, with different prints on the outside. If you want his wife to feel "included" in the gift giving without knitting her a pair - maybe you could tuck in a modest gift certificate to a local Chinese take out restaurant for both of them to enjoy. Or a note asking if she would like a matching or coordinating pair (if you are inclined to also knit her socks as well). In the home improvement centers - you can also buy empty shiny new paint cans in quart or gallon sizes (no labels are on them) and you might want to put some colorful shredded or tissue paper in first with the socks (sort of a masculine gift box).

Laura Sexson

While socks can be personal I am sure in this case of showing your appreciation for the handcrafted bowls with an example of your craft of choice, there is little room for misinterpretation. If you are concerned about leaving the wife out, you might find some kind of container that would appeal to a woman to put the socks in. Candy dish, vase, bowl,etc. and wrap them like a gift together. I am sure during a walk around a store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby you can find several ideas.


I think those wrapper sleeve things that people were making during Sockapalooza were cool, and they add a professional type touch. They look kind of like the wrappers around socks in the stores. You can put a message on the the inside, including washing instructions, etc. For a birthday or Christmas gift, I'd also wrap it with wrapping paper, but for something like this, I think a simple and elegant sleeve would do the trick.


What usually happens with me is I knit a pair of socks with a recipient in mind (usually ME), then if they don't fit, they start making the rounds, like Cinderella's glass slipper.


I don't think these are too personal, nor should she worry about the wife.

A lot of times I roll my socks like a cinnamon bun, tie with a ribbon, and put a little tag cut from card stock with the washing instructions on the ribbon. This makes them special, but not like a tie or some other "too good to be used" object.

Sandra D

If the person for whom I'm making the socks is present, I usually just hand them the socks and say "handwash" or "machine wash is OK." Unless it's a special occasion, in which case I'd wrap appropriately. But I don't usually make socks for special occasions because that's "deadline knitting" and I hate to knit to a deadline. If the person isn't present, then I'll wrap in tissue paper, enclose a washing instructions note, and send in a little priority mail box. So you can see I'm pretty casual about it. But I'm a pretty casual gift wrapper in any case. I'm always afraid if I make a big deal out of socks, they won't get worn. I don't knit socks for people who have expressed no interest or won't value them. I don't consider them an especially personal gift, but sometimes spouses do. So if I were making them as a "thank you" gift, I'd be sure to include the "thank you for" as part of the note that goes with them.


The"seduction" angle would never have occurred to me. I think a pair of handknit socks are a great gift for a fellow crafter. Unless the friend spent an inordinate amount of time away from his family while making the bowls (which I doubt), I don't think a gift for the wife is necessary. I agree with the suggestions upthread re a thank you note (even if the socks are presented in person).

I have only given one pair of socks to someone outside my immediate family. I included a small lingerie bag and Eucalan wool wash, and put everything in a gift bag lined with tissue paper (and then tied a simple bow on the handles). Since I handed it directly to the recipient, I gave verbal washing instructions (cold water, lay flat to dry, etc). The label from the hank was used as the wrapping sleeve.

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