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June 26, 2008



I'd rip it! A silky blend like that should be a cowl. I mean, if you ask me. Which you totally did!


I would also rip it. With 70% silk, the socks are going to get even slouchier/stretched out of shape with wear. I don't think there's enough memory in that yarn for socks, I'd definitely make something that takes advantage of it's gorgeous drape, since 'drapey' isn't generally a quality you want in socks.


I agree with the others - rip and do something else...without ribbing, it's gonna slouch/stretch, etc. which is a wonderful quality of silk for the right project :)


I agree - rip it. Interesting that you started a pair of Monkey socks. I just started a pair a few days ago & it seems to have gotten me out of my knitting slump.


I would rip it. Silk socks are going down all the time and you keep puling them up. After a while you do not want to wear them. Good luck and you will find the perfect project for the yarn.

Ann Carpenter

Personally I'd rip it.I knitted monkey and discovered it to be way too large for my ankle and heel even done in wool so, if it's already slouching, I'd rip and start over with wool.
Ann Carpenter in Dallas, Tx.


I am making monkey socks right
now and they are merino wool
with nylon and they are pretty
slouchy and big. I think I would ask Allison what the perfect sock yarn is for Monkey
Socks. Silk is not it.


I'm with the others. That sock does a lot better in a merino with a lot of bounce, and one with some thickness to it. They are really, really fun socks to make, and I am one of those people who hates to jump on the bandwagon and knit what everyone else has been making. This one is worth it!


Sorry to say I am with the frogging girls. I have made monkeys several times and have found that the pattern needs something with more body. I have used Lornas, Panda Cotton and Shibui Knits with great success. Good Luck.


Ditto, unless socks that drape are what you are going for.

Kathryn in Minnesota

I accidentally did something similar with a silk blend last year -- the "soft" socks actually feel really lovely on my feet and are among my favorite to wear as a result. I think it depends how particular you are about how closely your socks conform to your legs and feet. These socks were top-down, so I have a slouchy leg and nicely fitted foot by, yes, switching to smaller needles.

I would not combine another yarn -- why waste how good that silk will feel by diluting the experience with something else? : )


My first pair of Monkeys were in Dream in Color Smooshy, which is a really soft yarn. I think tightening the gauge with smaller needles is the key. The socks are lovely, and the smaller gauge wasn't an issue because the lacy pattern has lots of stretch.

Good luck!


Count me in with the rippers. I just frogged a sock with bamboo in it because I was having the same problem, slouchy cuff. It was wonderful to work with and loved the colors, but I don't want a drapey sock.

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