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May 07, 2008



Most window cranks come off, so that might work. Of course, then you have the little crank mechanism visible. Maybe check with a babyproofing website/vendor? There is a cover for everything out there.

The little ones (B/G twins) that I nanny for are just starting to pull up and I'm glad that they are a bit behind some other babes in the blogosphere so that I can get some tips.


I agree -- take the crank off. Then maybe tape something cushy (papertowel and duct tape?) over it so James won't hurt himself on the mechanism.

Other option is to block access to the window... but then, he might just climb that.

Sometimes there is no deterring the wee ones and they just have to learn by trial and error.

Best Mother's Day gift... still waiting on that one. But I'd like:
1. g/c for a pedicure
2. massage
3. someone to clean my house

Happy 1st Mother's Day to you!


Do those handles come off? I'd take them off and leave them where you can reach them to put them on and open the windows.
As for Mother's Day, the best gift I ever got was a flowering crabapple tree for the yard. It's the gift that keeps on giving and growing!


I'd just find something squishy to cover the some kind of foam and duct-tape combo...It won't look pretty, but it will do the job for a few months until he's walking and then you won't need to worry about him hurting himself on it as much.

Last year was my first mother's day and my husband got me a pedicure gift certificate to the spa down the street. It wasn't actually my fav gift because I don't like strange people touching my feet, but he tried! This year I have my fingers crossed for a gift card to the LYS, but that might not be as fun for you, since you *are* kind of an LYS, heh. I'd be happy with just a baby sitter and a nice dinner out, maybe a movie! We haven't been to the movies since the week before June was born! Oh, the luxuries I took for granted...

Kathy in KS

On the crank thing,I like the put them up where he can't reach them idea. We have the same windows. On the Mother's Day ideas, this year hubby's getting me 10 balls of cashmere. I ask you, does it get any better than that? Seriously? But, I do like the tree idea or something else that keeps on giving, like a yarn of the month club. We've always bought trees from, they have a great cust service dept.


One year while very pregnant with my second I sat in a teak chair and watched my husband build an herb garden for me! I have it still it is a circle with a birdbath in the middle and I love it and remember that day!

Alicia P

I think the best solution, the one that will fit for all future problems with daredevils boys is this....Valium. LOL I have 3 boys myself and man they can make you so incredibly nervous and on edge! All the while they are smiling and riding their tricycle down the deck stairs. :)

I have not ever seen anything for crank windows...a crank cozy sounds like a good idea but he might just walk up and rip it off as it is obstructing his "chew toy", so you might just try one and see what he does.

For Mother's Day...sleep is on my request list but I know better. If I could I would get a pedicure, manicure, massage, etc...anything where someone is pampering me for a change. :)


Best Mother's Day gift: a massage
What I asked for this year: coasters
What I want and never get: someone to clean the litter box


I just had a strange vision of the squishy bulb from a turkey baster taped over the window crank. I don't think it would render the crank uncrankable, but it would certainly make it relatively unchewable.

As for mother's day, I got nothin'.


Can't help you on the crank thing, but the best Mother's Day gift I got was the first time my eldest made me breakfast in bed. It was fun receiving something that she'd done all by herself, rather than having been prompted by her father.


I have no advice with the window crank. But I can share my very best Mother's Day gift. My daughter, my precious, pretty Leslie, was born on Mother's Day and this will be one of those years where we both celebrate the same day together again! She's my only daughter and I love these years when her birthday and Mother's Day fall on the same date!


What about putting Tabasco or other hot sauce on the cranks? Then he won't want to put his mouth on them. (Can you tell I'm training a dog right now? And that I have to spray things with lemon and vinegar so he doesn't try to lick or eat them?)

But seriouly, that's what they do to get people to stop biting their nails or sucking their thumbs. And if it doesn't work? Well at least you've got a kid that can appreciate spicy food with you. ^__^


I don't have any advice for you, but that's essentially how I knocked out my two front teeth when I was about two, running head on into a window sill. It's actually my first memory, standing there looking at the window sill. So I didn't have front teeth until my adult ones came in in elementary school.


I say ditto maria but I was thinking of getting a bottle of the nail bitting stuff and painting that on the cranks. Hot sauce could rub off on parent hands and into eyes. Some kids like lemon and vinegar (mine do). With my two I went with the training not to touch rather then rearranging the whole house. I did put child safety locks on the truely dangerous (under kitchen sink) but used a time out or a hand slap (not touching a hot stove) for training not to touch things or put them in their mouths. Consistancy and persistance wins the day.

Charlene Paulus

put lemon juice or something 'nasty' on the window crank - I'd say Tabasco but the seems just a bit too nasty. Actually lemon might not work - I don't think babies can taste sour until they are about 12 months. Try lemon juice anyway. You can't go modifying everything in your house - the baby has to adapt to his surroundings. There are legitimate safety concerns - stairs, breakables in low cabinets and there is trying to anticipate (and prevent) every bad outcome that might ever occur and the window and the the crank seem pretty benign. Probably he should not be sucking on the crank but more because he shouldn't be sucking on the crank than because he might mess up his teeth if he falls.


Not a mom here, but I think they make squishy foam covers to go over the tub facets (they are sold so the little ones won't get burnt or bang an eye on the spout.

They might fit over the knobs. I suspect if you put something squishy over them, that would solve the problem.

Of course, if they're removable, that might solve the problem too.

The anti-nail-biting stuff is called Bitter Apple. Not harmful but tastes bad.


I agree with the numerous previous poster who suggested removing the crank. I think just about all windows with cranks have the removable kind. Babies do need to adjust to their environments but some behaviors they just outgrow (literally in the case of the crank) & why risk damagin his new teeth when the solution is so easy? You may find yourself leaving them off for several years - my daughter's stove has been without knobs for almost 5 years now. Personally, I don't much care what I do for Mother's Day as long as it does not involve going out to dinner that day. I hate crowds - esp when there are so many people with unruly children & they always seem to really dominate Mother's Day brunches- don't they go out on other days? Is that why their children don't know how to behave in public? I am not so concerned with what we do one day of the year as with how we interact the entire year. Last year, my 2 daughters & I went on a girls' weekend trip to Galena with the newest girl in the family who was 6 months old then. This year, we (me, SO, 2 daughters, son in law & the 3 grands) are going out for dinner Saturday. AND I AM SPENDING AWEEK IN seattle with my older daughter - leaving on the 18th.

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