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May 23, 2008



I love this scarfs. I am tempted but I HAVE to finish another project, promise myself not to start anything new, ....... I have marked the Ravelry group for further reference. I like very much the Koigu one, hummm..... I agree with you that the sea wool is not very soft, at least I do not find the yarns mix with linen, bamboo or other than polyester to be very yummy. Have a very nice weekend. When are you doing the sock club again? Are you going to send emails or let it know in the blog about it? I would love to participate.


Allison --

Your Blackberry Sea Wool is definitely a more intensely colored dyelot than mine, unless it's the lighting.

I need to photograph my progress and post it on Ravelry, maybe over the weekend.


My comments on the Sea Wool... it's definitely not as soft as some of the others (I'd like to try one in an alpaca blend or a 100% merino). But to me, the Sea Wool has a bit of an almost squishy yet slick feel when knitted (socks would be neat but I don't think I'd want to wear a pair of Sea Wool socks on a tile floow).

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