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May 16, 2008



What an adorable baby--what about Flossie?


Just goes to show that babies of any species are adorable - that lamb is just too cute. As for names - I had enough trouble coming up with names for 2 humans & my cats have uninspired names (of course, in both situations I had to come to consensus with another person which made it harder). Only thing that comes to mind is Polar Bear (just put on the threatened species list) or just Polar.


Oh goodness, that is an adorable baby! LOL What about Snow White as a name?


Dying from the lamby cuteness :P


Little lamb is adorable!
How about Purl - or Purly Mae for a name. I have Amish friends and a common middle name is Mae. My one friend's miniature donkey, cookie, is due any time now too as is my friend (she's due in Sept). Hard to knit baby gifts for Amish babies but I do find suitable patterns and colors. Thanks for the photos - they are WAY beyond cute!!


"Pretty girl" would be a good name for this little one.Alternatively, I like "Ruby".


Ooooooooo - love the Purly Mae suggestion. (My gran's name was Lucy Mae which I always thought sounded like the Grand Ole Opry but she was French Canadian)

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