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April 30, 2008



And all of a sudden you have yourself a little toddler there, no longer a baby!

Liz in IN

Oh, James is getting...well...SO BIG! And already such a guy, too. ;)

Major props to you for not *encouraging* wailing by leaping to his (unneeded) aid with "OH! Did you HURT yourself? Are you ALL RIGHT?" I'm definitely with you in the "Safe! Yeah! Who's SO BIG!" camp.

Okay, let me go check out this Ravelry KAL. :)


Ebineezer Baby Sneezer - love it. Before you know it, everything you do (in fact, your mere existence) will embarrass him. But, eventually, you'll have all those embarrassing stories to tell his children. There is nothing that delights my grands than hearing stories about mommy as a little girl - & of course they especially love the somewhat embarrassing ones (like how she loved the neighbor's long haired chihuahua even tho she was terrified of doges & it wasn't until she was 12 that we found out she thought it was a cat).James is really getting big!


So how does Ebineezer Baby Sneezer go?

B. Rickman

Sing it for us Allison...pleeeeeeeeeeeze!


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