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April 10, 2008



I just love Opal, and these Harry Potter colors look wonderful. I have such a big sock yarn stash already, but this could certainly make me break down and buy more!


Hi, found you through ravelry and hope you don't mind me putting up a message on the Lime and Violet MB.
Just giving a scoop there.
I just love the last entry with james say "shame on you" the last two sentences made me crack up.

Ok now I'm of to go and read more.
Take care and greetings
Valeria :)


Pretty. Must. Have. One no Two of each.




Oh, my! Oh, my!! Oh, my!!! Won't it be abso-freaking-lutely grand?!?!?


AWESOME! Will you announce in the newsletter when they become available to order?

Marion Wilhelm

Oh heavens! That HP yarn is beautiful I want them all. I am so glad you are 2nd in line to get it! woohoo!


Looks like you've just made a lot of knitters very happy, Allison! No probs for the links, and thanks for the info! :D

Karen WJ

Will you be doing a pre-order? Or offering all the colourways for one price?


Must have every color!! Will you be doing any sort of pre-ordering?


WOw! I can't wait to make some Potter socks for myself!

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