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March 14, 2008



heh, I think he thinks it's bright!


Awwww... James is getting so huge! I'll add my two cents and say that I'd happily buy James Tested Yarns, you wouldn't even have to discount them a lot :)


hee hee... leave it to that wonderful little guy to create a surprise bin for all of us to devour! I love it!! (He must be a true fiber fellow!)


Sure looks to me like he's enjoying himself! Spring had sprung in the Chicago area too (today is back in the 40's but still, compared to what we've been having, it feels spring like). I was at my DD's to babysit (jury duty) & my 16 month old granddaughter displayed a new word: "Out!" (said while standing in front of the coat closet pointing at her jacket). If that doesn't work, she goes over to the front door & points to the knob!

Kathy in KS

Love the idea of "James Specials".

And love the cardi he's wearing. Did he get to eat some grass? By the way, I've got a BAD cough now, what's that magic recipe you said your hubby uses?


Love the cardigan that James is wearing! It has been too wet and rainy here to enjoy the outdoors but I keep telling myself - soon!!!


Well there are enough mothers out there that understand wet, tangled yarn; and we'd be more than willing to buy them at a special rate. Moms are used to having yarn tangled and taste tested by our kids! LOL

Sock Knitter

Oh, I can't believe how quickly he's grown!! MY GOODNESS -- seems like just yesterday he was born!!

And I think offering the skeins for sale is just fine -- I don't need labels on my skeins either -- just as long as I know what they are -- it's all good :)

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