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March 06, 2008


Sheila in Ohio

I'm a curious knitting novitiate wondering what it is about "deleting a couple of purls" that stops the pooling?

The reviews are a great idea. Thanks!


Pooling and striping can sometimes be avoided b/c what causes it is how the color knits into the finished fabric. If yuo take away a few stitches, or add a few, you've changed how the colors will line up in the finished fabric. You can also try a different pattern or go up or down a needle size.


what a fun creative review :-) Great job.. and a lovely looking yarn as well! It is always a heavenly experience to become enchanted with a yarn.
thanks Penny and Allison


Fantastic review - and the yarn looks so yummy - I esp like the color way you used - can't wait until I can buy some!!!

Kathryn in Minnesota

Love the reviews; this one rocks! Can't wait to get my hands on the yarn -- that's the only downside of the reviews. You're sort of teasing/tormenting us . . .


Yay!! Shelridge Farms handpainted!! Can't wait...

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