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March 31, 2008



Oh how I miss the bathe the baby in the sink days.


Ooooh - hope you have the purple & green Shelridge Farms - I have been lusting after it ever since that post!


I don't like to clean but I will admit that I like the feeling when I get it done and I can say "Look what I accomplished". Personally it cuts into my sock knitting time.


He's so cute in the sink!

Liz in IN

Oh. SO. CUTE! Big slippery hug. I personally love that there are dishes in the opposite side of the sink. :)

I do NOT enjoy cleaning, and can't do the heavy stuff with my fibro--the Dyson handles like a tank, and seems to weigh nearly as much. DH does the vacuuming for me, bless 'im.

But in the evening, after I get the kitchen squared away and the counters are visible (yours are lovely, btw), it's like "Order restored from chaos, yet again."

That Shelridge Farms merino is beautiful!!

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