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March 24, 2008


Marti Johnson (aka Sock Queen)

I took up sock knitting while suffering from severe depression. A friend thought it would give me something I might be able to do and feel a sense of control over a project that could be finished in a short period of time, and help me re-gain control over my life once again. Happily for me, she was right. Now, 56 pair of socks later, I still love it, and life is good again!


My passion for socks started all because I could not picture how turning a heel worked. I'd knit for decades before even thinking I wanted to try them, now I cannot stop thinking about them. When Jenna, my oldest, was learning to drive, a pair of socks in progress were my sanity saver. I knit them during school, on car rides, on the swing, at the farm, the library...everywhere. Go for it, keep a few pairs scattered about in the cars, next to the front door and knit away. Holler if you need a zippered bag for them. ;o)


I almost always have a pair of socks cooking, but I also have other projects. Right now it seems cotton anything (dish rags, baby bibs, etc.) for the morning coffee, socks for something small and transportable, and then something big and/or complicated, for the challenge.


I just love knitting socks!!! I like to make other projects, but tend to get bored half way through if they are too large. A pair of socks on the other hand is just the right size and the best way to try out a pattern without getting bored. Also, in a relatively short time I have a finished object that ALWAYS fits (very important). Did you notice too that another thing that always fits are shoes? So between socks and shoes who needs much else?? Ha Ha Ha!!!!


I adore knitting socks for all of the above reasons. It is so wonderful to be able to buy a skein or three of gorgeous sock yarn and not have to take a second morgage. Socks make wonderful gifts becuase fit usually isn't a huge issue and the money and time involved is reasonable. And there is something about the 3-D aspect of socks that seem to charm non-sock knitters--love to watch them turn them over and over and keep saying "how do you do this"?. I have made lots and lots of stuff over the years but now rarely knit anything but socks.


There are lots of great reasons to knit socks already in the comments, but I especially love them because ...

- NO seaming! very little finishing in general, in fact :)

- Predictable yardage means you can buy just what you need at some lovely little shop while you're on vacation, have a great souvenier, and not have to worry about running out before you're done with your project.

- Hand-knit socks are glorious to wear ... they're the only things that keep my feet warm in the wintertime.

- Nothing says love like a gift of hand-knit socks.

Sigh ... now I have to hurry up and finish the sweater I'm making for my husband so I can get serious about socks again :)


I too love knitting socks. There are always a pair or two on the needles. I think sock yarn has a big part to play on this. Sock yarn is so diverse and the hunt for the perfect sock yarn is so fun!! Of course I am always perusing your store and have a wish list going. I do think portability and quickness of finishing are also a factor.. I LOVE socks!!

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