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March 12, 2008



We just bought our house last spring and I had a lot of fun choosing colors. The actual painting? Not so much! I really like all the different rooms on HGTV's site. Great for inspiration.


Hi there!! I wanted to recommend They have great tools for homeowners AND my husband works there so I'd be happy to mail a discount card good for one year your way to help cut costs!!



One really easy way to find inspiration is to check out the patterned scrapbooking papers and pick a couple that really appeal to you. All major craft stores have them and I'm sure there is lots to look at on-line. Then, it is easy (and inexpensive)to tote the papers around to the paint store, fabric store, etc. Sometimes my rooms look nothing like the paper I started with, but it was a great jumping off point.

I suppose you could do the same with your favorite balls of yarn. Hmmm - I'm off to go look at all my hand painted sock yarn in a new light.

Good luck, have fun, and remember - it doesn't happen overnight, especially with a little one underfoot. My little guy is just about to start walking and nothing is safe from him these days!



Domino Magazine has a blog that has some fascinating (and sometimes lower priced) decorating ideas. check them out here:

take care.


I really like the following:,2040,DIY_14102,00.html

Good luck and enjoy!


No idea if you can get it over in the US, but this might be good for inspiration:


My house is all boring too. After a couple of years, I'm finally ready to start thinking about color! I've heard there are neat cards in the paint section at Lowe's:

Bertha has great design inspiration! Definitely not just for apartments!

Kathryn Sigman and Home Depot were our stores of choice when fixing up our house and yard. Lots to choose from, classes for what we didn't know, and good prices!


We painted our house in neutral colors using Valspar paint color Cream in My Coffee. Is is a great warm neutral that looks better the Builders Beige. We used a darker shade under the chair molding in the kitchen. Our Master bedroom and bath are decorated in Restoration Hardware's Sky and Chocolate colors. The chocolate curtains are from Pier One, they had the right color for the right price. I would suggest waiting for Restoration Hardware's semi-annual sale if you decide to go that route.


If you want to look at colors is a handy sight.You can look at all their color collections. Eddie Bauer colors are really nic. They used to carry Nickelodeon colors for kid's rooms at Lowe's but I haven't been back for a while and could not find them on the website.


The last time I needed to redecorate a room, we ended up using Behr paints and were very pleased. If you visit, they have a great feature where you can choose a room with a similar layout and try out different colors and trims to your hearts content! The paints are available at Home Depot as well. Good luck!


I love looking at Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion and Country Living magazines for inspirations. As far as paint, with a little one in the house, you might want to check out Olympic paint. They are specially formulated to not have that paint smell that bothers so many of us.


Doesn't Lowes or Home Depot offer custom color mixing for paints...just take in a sample of the color and presto!, you've got a can or two? I think our local hardware store does somewhat...seems that Hubster bought the paint for a bedroom there and surprised me by getting the exact color I wanted.

Seriously, for inspiration in our previous home, I found that I build each room around one or two pieces I loved. Maybe it was furniture (my formal dining room was build around an antique buffet and china closet given to me on my 30th bday) or a piece of fabric I just had to have (E's toddler bedroom). Even though the house is screaming "All of me, NOW", go slow, one room at a time. Once one room is finished, you'll find more inspiration and feel like you're really leaving a mark.

Love those new Trekking colors, sure hope the supply holds out long a few more weeks until payday! ;o)

We have a small chain of paint and decorating stores here in northern NJ and in the tri-state area called Siperstein's that I like because they carry wallpaper as well as paint so you can coordinate. Unfortunately, I don't their web site will help you much. I also like Home Depot because of the free decorating phamplets you can pick up in the paint section that shows you how a different paint colors look in different rooms. LOL I have a stash of paint chips that I've collected. Good luck.



My sense of how to decorate is awful, but my mom has found some great deals at TJ Maxx. Some friends of mine painted their boys room with two shades of blue from the "oops" shelf of paints at Home Depot. Costco Home has good deals, too, but there's not one near you; perhaps you can order online?


Accent walls with a different paint color look really nice and can add color without overwhelming you. Another neat thing is the textured paints. As far as decorating and getting ideas check out the - they have a great catalog!

Kathy in KS

OK, I have to throw in my 2 cents worth. When we built our home in FL, I was so sick of apartment white and beige that we pretty much painted every room a different color! We went with Home Depot, which does have a color matching computer thing. So, you could take in a skein of yarn and they put it into their laser thing and the computer calculates out how to make the paint look just like that. Warning though, the paint wet looks a little different than the paint dry, so don't freak out when they show it to you. As for decorating, I love, but can afford very little of it, so I more use it for inspiration. Have fun and don't be afraid of colors! If you don't like it, you can always paint over it!


I don't shop a particular store other than Home Depot for paint and a local discount fabric store for curtains/pillows to sew. Two best decorating pieces of advise - from Nate Berkus (yes, the cute guy on Oprah) to build around something you love, and from my mom - do your bedroom first because that can be your sanctuary. I'm inspired by colors in nature, so my living room is a "shade garden" with a quilt made by my great-grandmother as the center piece, my dining room is a "field of sunflowers" all bright yellows and blues with a piece of orginal art from my artist aunt. I agree to take one room at a time. I take pictures, with my phone or camera, whenever I come across color combinations or settings that please me. I'm in now way done with my home, but I enjoy thinking and planning and taking my time to save up for the right pieces vs. trying to just get it done. I guess that is enough for now. I agree - bring on spring. The front porch, kids playing, and a nice cold beer. Mmmmmmm. That will be a fun day.


I love looking through the Ikea catalog. Their fabrics are so full of color.

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