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February 26, 2008


Michele in Maine

Ooh, those are all my favorite colors! Can't wait to find out what it is!

In my experience, trips to the ER are always on a weekend night, when it's rainy, and maybe the power's out! Very exciting.

Kathy in KS

That was so sweet of Joe to grab that splinter with his foot before James did! You have such a giving husband. I think you should go buy him some new yarn.


Walker, Texas Ranger. Hilarious!


Love those colors! I'm amazed at your floor splintering - our old floors are just about petrified - they're like rock! The Chicago area got the snow too but, much as I usually love winter, it's getting old - this year it's just been too much - too much cold, too much snow! I'm ready for a change!


Love that yarn and what is the sock pattern--just beautiful. Hope Joe's sock wasn't too badly damaged and (oh yea) his foot is ok too.

Kathryn in Minnesota

Must . . . have . . . that . . . yarn . . .


SE Indiana keeps getting missed. I would love a good snow.
That is some lovely yarn you are knitting

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