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February 25, 2008



Excellent review - it told me everything I would want to know about the yarn. I love that you are going to have reviews, it will set you apart from all the other online stores.


This is the perfect amount of information!


What a great review! Gave me the info I want when considering a new sock yarn - not too much, nor too little...just the right amount!


Both reviews were great. Lots of useful information. You have a great bunch of test knitters. Can't wait to hear more. :)


To me, the most important part of a yarn review is about the (base) yarn itself, rather than the color distribution or other dyeing concerns. So the fact that the yarn that was reviewed here wasn't even really the same yarn that you sell doesn't help me at all.

It's still great to see such detailed reviews, though! ^__^


I found both reviews to be very thorough and exactly what I want to know about a new yarn, especially a hand-dyed one that has potential for (to me) disastrous pooling or flashing.


Perfect amount of information. I always want to know if the colors pool, or if it will show stitch definition. Loved the reviews.


You selected a couple of great test knitters! Both reviews were excellent. Descriptions of the yarn, the knitting experience and the detailed photos told me everything I need to know. I look forward to reading their next reviews.


My mother-in-law just called from Fort Wayne. Now you have two new yarn shops in Fort Wayne? Cool. I found a News-Sentinel article from Jan 23, 2008, about Knitting Off Broadway on Brackenridge near Broadway and Jefferson. I'm green with envy!

And the yarn review has the right amount of info and is very well-written, in my opinion.


Well written yarn review above - though I wish it was of the same yarn base that you will be carrying.
I think it's very important to note how an indie dyer distributes color in their yarn (I don't like pooling either :-)
Well done Vickie!

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