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February 08, 2008



I think you might be my role models as parents. It might be the Spartacus shirt that is weighting the scales in your favor.


The real question is - why do you have a mullet wig? Too funny!


I bought my partner a tshirt once which said 'you're not enjoying yourself if you're not embarassing your kids' (he has two teenagers). I may just have to send your husband the link to where you can get one ;-)


I want a shirt that says "Embarassing my children: another of the wonderful FREE services I provide". I won't rehash the things we did with our girls to amuse ourselves back in the day. I love looking at the pictures for a good laugh, especially ones showing the oldest doing something to embarass the younger ones.

The gift of humor is one of the better things we can instill in our children. It all starts with a mullet wig, Spartacus shirt and track pants. Funky 70s or 80s music in the background scores triple points.

Amanda Cathleen

*L* Too funny!! Its all in good fun embarrassing your own kids. I enjoy looking back at my own childhood and all the fun I had with my parents. My oldest Corra could tell you all the embarrassing things I do. She looooves it when I sing at the Grocery store to the baby. hehehe


You will get the teenaged eye roll no matter what you do so you might as well enjoy yourself! That was my attitude & it must have worked 'cause my girls turned out OK. In fact, they now say how great it was that I wasn't just like all the other moms & taught them to be themselves not just like all the other kids.


LOL ... glad to see that I'm not the only Mother to torture her children !!! enjoy it while you can, it's a whole different kind of fun when they become teenagers :)

Gae Fenske

It is a parent's sacred obligation and DUTY to be an embarrassment to their offpsring.

I clearly remember the child (either one) sliding out from under the seat belt to hide under the dash because the school friends walking down the road might spot them in the battered (lotsa character) old VW.

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