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February 06, 2008



Love buying American - not that I'm especially patriotic - I just like to know that my money is going to a "neighbor." If anyone else likes to buy American & is in need of a nice sturdy bag (knitting, laptpop, tote) I can recommend Tom Bihn. The quality is fantastic & they are made near Seattle. One of my favorites is the littl bag with the clear vinyl front - great to use for knitting notions. This is about the strangest winter I can remember. We went out to dinner Sunday evening (early - around 5:30) & afterward, since it was still early & everyone was home watching the Super Bowl, we decided to check out Border's (who can resist a bookstore? not me - they're just below LYS's). When we went into Border's, it was clear & snowing almost imperceptibly (that very fine, dry, almost invisible kind). When we came out about 25 minutes later, it felt like being in a snow globe. Big fat snow flakes falling very densely. And fog - it was so thick you couldn't see oncoming headlights until they were about 1/16 of a mile away. We took streets & drove slowly so it took about 20 minutes to get home. Thank God for Super Bowl Sunday - it meant almost no traffic. By the time we got home, we had over an inch of snow. I'm so glad I don't have to go out.


Here in South Central IN it has been gloomy and very blustery, as Winnie the Pooh would say. The Tornado sirens have alarmed twice in less than 24 hours. The kids were hoping for 2 hour delays due to the fog, but no such luck. They may tomorrow though with flooding from all the rain

I was wondering about the softness of that yarn I have knit with their other yarns and the colors are fantastic.


gorgeous new yarns. can't wait to get my fingers on some of them :-)
and as for the weather.... I was considering hiring someone to build an ark! (but tonight we have snow)


The yarn is absolutely gorgeous! As for the weather, I'd take rain any day over 9 inches of SNOW!!! You don't have to shovel rain!


YES the weather is getting to me! Especially since it is finding its way into my house. Time for a new roof, I guess. -- I recently read about some bison yarn that travels all around the world to be processed, so it is nice to find some yarn that doesn't leave a huge CO2 footprint.

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