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February 28, 2008


Kathryn in Minnesota

Thanks for posting about the patterns! I suddenly, uh, want, um, them all. Actually, what I really want is an adult-size version of the baby leggings. They look very comfy.


The baby leggings look very similar to the EZ baby leggings & I'm pretty sure she gives a "recipe" for making them in an adult size.


Meant to say, I think I'm gonna have to get the half circle baby cardi pattern next time I order yarn & I kinda fell in love with the pillow too. I've always loved the sculptural quality of knitting (thus socks) & that really has it in spades!

Kathy in KS



I do love that Shibui yarn It is wonderful to knit with.

B. Rickman

EZ's Baby Suprise Jacket is also an excellent way to use up odds and ends of sock yarn or just make several jackets for charity knitting and have people's eyes pop our as they look at the really cool way the colors of the yarn turn at the diagonals in the pattern.

I have made fingerless gloves, baby booties, blankets, and am currently looking at making the Kerry Blue Shawl with some Briggs and Little Durasport sock weight yarn! I also have some cool scarf patterns in the works with my leftovers.


B. Rickman

EZ's baby leggings are in her book Knitter's Almanac. It is a neat little book for about $8.00.



I am also a sucker for a good pale yellow. I have never knit with Shibui and I think that when this comes in, it will have to be mine, mine, mine...


I'm new to your website. I just took a look at that beautiful boy and the great pictures of the snow. I would like to be there for about...oh let's say 20 seconds. I live in Sunny and shaky Southern California where the temp. can go from 83 on Monday to 57 on Thursday during March. In June can go up to 120 or even 125 during the day.

Enjoy that little blessing of yours because before you know it you will be doing what I have been doing lately, which is looking at collages for my 17 yr. old blessing? lol.

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