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January 07, 2008



Just think, you'll NEVER forget your 30th birthday. ;-) I hope you are able to find a little bit of time to celebrate your special day. You deserve it!


No you aren't crazy. I will admit that moving with a small child stinks but as long as you have a Pack n Play to give him some "space" (which when I did it the movers packed and couldn't get to it even after I told them NOT to pack it) you will be fine. I hate the unpacking part the most.

Kathy in KS

Hello exer-saucer! My best friend as we were building a house when I had a baby. We got the permits approved like the day he was born, and broke ground a couple months later. We did a lot of the work, me and my 4 year old, and the baby in the exer-saucer. Mostly painting. And the floors weren't finished yet, just raw wood and sawdust and nails and lots of icky's, and there was NO way I was letting him crawl around in there. Plus that whole thing of no railing on the stairs and all. No wall there either, just no place to put up a baby gate. Ahhh, those were the days. If you don't have one, borrow one, or go to a consignment shop or something, you can probably get one for less than $25. They're like a walker, except the baby can't go anywhere. Oh, and since I feel sorry for you, I got a minivan for my 30th birthday, but since we'll be in Hawaii next week, I'll try to find you something. From what I hear on Ravelry, there's only one LYS on Kauai, and I don't know if hubby wants to drive me ALL the way over there from the place we're staying. With the kids and all. Maybe some shells? Oh, I know, I'll have a pina colada for you. Maybe 2. Oh hell, it's your birthday, I'll get smashed.


Good luck with the move. It sounds like a wonderful location!


Happy Birthday and Good Luck!


Wishing you all the best in your move. Think of it this way - you will get to discover all those treasures you forgot you had! And...James could be 18 months and then it would be hell! Take care and I'll be thinking of you!

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