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January 03, 2008



Congratulations on the new nest! I grew up in the country too - it's a great way to spend your childhood, so I think James will love it.


Oh, my. That is beautiful yarn. Good luck with the move!


I grew up in the city, went to school in the city and we lived there after we were married. And I can say this honestly: nothing compares to not being able to see your neighbor's house. It is marvelous. Good luck with the packing - sounds like James' stuff is going to take a lot of boxes!

Oh my gosh - Casbah is machine washable? Be still my heart. And my mouse finger...

Sandra D

The new yarn is gorgeous! But mostly congratulations on your upcoming move (well, on the results after the move is over - moving isn't on my list of fun activities). You'll get used to the trees and the quiet!

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