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January 01, 2008



Happy New Year to you all!

Kathy in KS

That last one made me tear up. Of course it's one sided, silly, you're a mom now. I can think of the # of conversations my hubby and I have that's not about the kids during the week on one hand. Be obsessed with him now because when he grows up, there will be a period of time when he won't have anything to do with you. Enjoy this time now. Someone once asked me what was the best age? I think I answered now. When David was 2 months old it was the best. When he was 4 and Patrick came along, that was the best. When surprise came along, and we named him Russell, that was the best. When I had 2 in diapers at the same time and was nursing one and trying to get the other not to feed the baby peanuts, that was the best. Now that #3 is potty trained and just turned 4, now it's the best. It's always the best. Just focus on the present, and don't miss anything. You can catch up on the alcohol and sleep when he's grown up. You can't catch up on the baby.


LOL I'm with Kathy--the last one made me tear up too! My mom used to sing that to me when I was younger.

As for the alcohol, you know you can have a little beer even when you're breast feeding. While I haven't yet had any children, I'm the oldest of 7 and watched my mother raise of lot of my siblings. So raise the beer bottle! (Sadly, it won't help with the weight loss.)


Happy New Year to you - and congrats on the new house!


Turning everyone all emo... 7-9 got me. You are undoubtedly a wonderful mother, I know. May your next birthing experience be a kinder one... (and a girl!!) And on mixing up some tasty beverages... When are you planning on Christening the bar? Cheers!!
Peace&Love, Mary

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