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January 16, 2008



It looks awesome. I really would like to have a bigger plot of land but we live in a small town so it isn't too bad. Loved the new colors of Dream in Color.


I sent you an email about the test knitting....the view is beautiful! We are in a kind of rural area - I love it!


Twelve years ago, my husband talked me into moving from the largish town I grew up in (20,000 people) to a tiny rural town (5000 people at the time). It was hard at first. I was used to having friends and family and grocery stores 5 minutes away. Now the nearest grocery store is 15 minutes away and major shopping centers are 25 min in any direction. But I got used to it quickly, love it and wouldn't want to live anywhere else! The lack of traffic, beautiful scenary, and peace and quiet far outweigh the inconvenience. Best wishes to you and your family in your new home!


We moved to 20 acres about 9 years ago, and I love it. I knew I was either a really urban girl or really rural. No in between for me. It is isolated, but we find our grocery shopping is done for less with fewer impulse buying and more planning.


Yes, it definitely took some getting used to being in a small town. Although, my move was pretty extreme - we moved from Berlin, Germany, to a town of 1100 in upper Michigan. The nearest traffic light was a 2 hour drive. I love it now, though, and would move back in a heartbeat if the unemployment rate didn't continue to hover around 15%. The ability to go for a walk and only have to worry about the wildlife (4-footed) is something I really miss, as is the quiet.

Sandra D

I lived in cities all my life until I retired. But I always enjoyed getting out and away. It's different when you don't have the city to go back to, though. It does take some getting used to. But once you get used to the quiet and peace, lack of traffic, it's hard to imagine living anywhere else. I moved to a rural area when I retired. There are some things I miss about being in the city, like the YARN store only 10 minutes away, or an emergency trip to the grocery being 5 minutes. But I've adjusted and don't think I'd go back.


That IS what I'm used to. Not being able to see my neighbors or at least having them several hundred yards away is heaven to me. My husband and I just relocated to Montana and while we search for land and/or house we are living in apartment hell. It makes me crazy.

I've been knitting from stash, but the DIC is very tempting...


I, too, just relocated to Montana from Houston, TX. I love it! Other than having to get used to cold weather again, it's perfect. I don't ever want to go back to the city. Billings is big enough for me!


I grew up in the middle of no-where. For the first 6 years of my life, the closest neighbor was over a mile away. For the next 12, we lived 1/3 mile off the main road-our driveway was that long! I've spent my entire marriage in town and still hate it after 18 years. Give me the country any least there if I want to stay in my pjs for 3 days, no one notices when I get the mail! I cannot wait until the extra house on my father's farm is empty so we can live there. Cornfields on 3 sides, it's a beautiful thing.


I think you will love the small town once you get used to it. I grew up in a small town, moved away for 20 years, and am in the same town where I grew up again. To me a small town is wonderful for raising children. Remember, you can always go to the city - to visit -if you want!


That looks heavenly to me. We moved into our house 21½ years ago & we knew that it was a fairly densely populated neighborhood. But it has gotten so much worse over the past 10 years - they've added close to 100 living units (mostly townhouses) to our block. Our block is a full one eighth mile by one eighth mile (most blocks in the Chicago area are one eighth mile by one sixteenth mile). So it's twice the size of a standard block but the lots are more or less standard length resulting in a large empty space in the middle (surrounded by alleys) which was unused except for some parking. Now it is filled with townhouses. I feel like the lab rats in those old psych experiments where they just kept crowding them into cages to see what they would do.


I have lived both rural and urban, and they each have pluses and minuses. One thing I did *not* like about small town living is *everyone* knows who you are and what you are doing; you *think* you are in the middle of nowhere but because there is not much else going on, anything you do is noticable and notable. From that standpoint, I prefer the anonymity of the city. BUT I miss the solitude and the wildlife and being able to see the horizon during the day and the stars at night. I live in the city now but have a big yard and a little elbow room. I sometimes *think* about moving back to the country, but I'm not sure I could make the adjustments. Good luck to you!


My husband and I keep talking about moving out to the country. We both can't stand living in the city. I'm so jealous!


Looks like my dream landscape! Hope you love it.


We moved to a rural area after living in big cities (San Diego and Las Vegas). We are now on the Yakima River in eastern Washington. I love it! It is so peaceful and beautiful. So far, I am not missing anything about city life. Hope you come to love your area as well.

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