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January 24, 2008


Aww... I love those little shoes. My niece has some pink ones with kitties on them. :-) He's a cutie. I was hoping to get some of that Sknitches yarn, too... :-(

Kathy in KS

Almost makes you want to make him some socks. Out of that yarn who's dye bleeds a little. And make it orange. Or blue. Or something weird. Then ask hubby if James looks right? No, nevermind, that's mean, isn't it?

Remember, though, I did drink ALL those Mai Tai's for you...


Aww!!! what a cutie.


Just when you think he can't get any cuter! You are killin' me with the baby pics...I think they amp my bio-clock ticking about 1000x. :o)


Awww! He's adorable!

I wish I were flexible enough to get my feet somewhere near my head...


aww those are such cute pictures. :)


He is so cute. To be 6 months again :)


Boy, is he cute!


It should be illegal for a little boy to be that cute. I missed out too. Maybe one of these days I will be able to snag some.


CUTE photos! I feel like kicking myself for not buying some sKNITches last time you had it in stock....


Cutie - patootie baby boy. Don't you love the Robeez? IIt is almost embarrassing how many pairs I have bought for the grands & as baby shower gifts. One of the nice things is that they have a really good selection of boyish shoes. So many manufacturers have a huge selection of adorable girly shoes or clothes & may be 25% of that amount for boys. And very soon they are going to be selling toddler outdoor shoes with flexible soles - just in time for spring for my 14 month old grand.

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